‘CSI: Cyber’: How To Catch Up on the Canceled Spin-Off

by Megan Molseed

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has long been known for its incredible spin-offs as much as the series is known for its unprecedented primetime success. During its run, CSI has spawned a variety of spinoffs; turning the series into one of the most memorable franchises of all time. From CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, to CSI: Miami, or CSI: NY, and most recently, CSI: Vegas, the CBS franchise has brought us multiple fan-favorites.

And, one often forgotten addition to the franchise is the Patricia Arquette-led series, CSI: Cyber. This CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin-off was ultimately short-lived. However, it is certainly an important addition to the popular franchise.

And, thanks to the magic of streaming platforms, we have plenty of opportunities to catch up with CSI: Cyber. The series may not be available for free streaming right now. However, CSI fans can still purchase episodes of the series. The series is currently available for purchase over three platforms, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu. For those looking to catch the entire run of the CBS series, the show’s two seasons are also available via these streaming platforms.

There Are Plenty of Opportunities to Catch ‘CSI: Cyber’

CSI: Cyber fans can purchase the first season of the series on Amazon On Amazon, for $11.99. Individual episodes of the same season are available for $3.99. Season two is also available on Amazon for just $15.99 with individual episodes costing $2.99.

Over on iTunes, viewers can purchase both Cyber seasons for $11.99 each. Vudu is offering individual episodes of the series for $1.99 each. It will cost viewers $29.99 to purchase CSI: Cyber season one on Vudu, and $34.99 for the second season.

The short-lived CSI installment stars Emmy Award Winner Patricia Arquette as Avery Ryan. Arquette’s Ryan serves as the head of the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division. According to the iTunes description of the series, Cyber “is inspired by the work of real-life Cyber Psychologist Mary Aiken.”

“While other agents search for criminals in dark homes and alleys, Ryan and her team search the ‘dark net,'” the description continues. “A place deep in the bowels of the Web where criminals are anonymous, money is untraceable and where everything is for sale with just a keystroke.”

In addition to starring Arquette, the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spinoff also stars James Van Der Beek, Ted Danson, and Shad Moss, (also known as Bow Wow.)

Overall, the short-lived CSI installment didn’t fair too well with reviewers when it initially premiered in 2016. The series has pulled a 5.5 rating on IMDb and a mere 34% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. But, what is it that reviewers didn’t like? It would certainly be worth a second look on any of these platforms to see if, maybe, these not-so-ideal ratings may have been a little too harsh.