‘CSI’ Fans Are Creeped Out by One Moment from Season One

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

One episode of CSI was so disturbingly shocking that fans are still talking about it 22 years later.

The episode titled Blood Drops aired during CSI’s first season in 2000. As the story opens, the team investigates the murders of four family members who were killed in a seemingly idyllic suburban setting. And to solve the crime, Sidle and Grissom rely on the only two people who were spared in the attack, sisters Brenda and Tina.

However, the brutal murders weren’t what was so shocking. Vicious crime is what CSI was all about, after all.

It was the ending twist that left a lasting impression. While the story unfolds, we learn that the eldest sister, Tina, actually paid someone to kill her family. The reason she did it was that she had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her father, and neither her mother nor brothers did anything to stop it.

And to make the plot even more horrifying, we later find out that Brenda isn’t really Tina’s sister. She’s actually the daughter of Tina and Tina’s father.

Fans React to ‘CSI’ ‘Blood Drops’

Not only was the incest revelation shocking, but the writers crafted the episode so well that, up until the moment of truth, the audience actually sympathized with the slain monster.

So it’s no surprise that people are still talking about the episode decades later.

One CSI fan named Brenda even put together a YouTube compilation of the episode in 2010 that highlighted the most pivotal scenes. The video has been viewed nearly 100k times. And it’s still getting traction today.

“Girl’s little sister was actually her daughter by her own father-now even if you’re not a fan of this show, you’ve got to admit that is one seriously sick and disturbing twist!” Adam Watson commented 8 years ago.

“Sicker than sick!” another YouTuber replied.

In 2020, user Onamerre stumbled upon the video and wrote, “20 years later and still one of the most disturbing episodes of TV I’ve ever seen. My jaw hit the floor when the twist was revealed! The fact that the little girl was the child of father/daughter incest creeps me out to this day.”

Still haunting people in 2021, another person jumped into the comments to add “This episode was all kinds of utter horror, simply f***ed up.”

And just two weeks ago, user Annelie B commented “I can’t believe I found this. Been searching everywhere to find out where I had seen this SL before. Was starting to believe I had lost my mind and dreamt it or something.”

We’d say with comments like these, the faint of heart should skip watching Blood Drops. But if you want, you can catch the episode on Amazon Prime or Hulu.