‘CSI’ Fans Decide on the Worst Series of the Franchise

by Lauren Boisvert

There are a couple good “CSI” series in the franchise that fans are crazy about, and one they could pretty much do without. There’s the OG “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “CSI: NY”, “CSI: Miami,” “CSI: Cyber,” and the recent iteration, “CSI: Vegas.” “Vegas” harkens back to “CSI”‘s roots, bringing Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom into the fold.

There was a lot of love for “Vegas” at its finale, and fans love the original series. But, which series did fans dislike the most?

According to ratings on IMDb, “CSI: Cyber” is the least liked series in the franchise. Fans rated it a brutal 5.5 out of 10. The series starred Patricia Arquette as Avery Ryan, along with Ted Danson as D.B. Russell, James Van Der Beek as FBI agent Elijah Mundo, and Shad Gregory Moss AKA Bow Wow as FBI agent Brody Nelson.

“CSI: Cyber” followed Dr. Ryan and the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division as they attempted to hunt down criminals via the dark web. It lasted 2 seasons, before cancelation in 2016. The difference between “Cyber” and the other shows is that “Cyber” featured the FBI, while the others in the franchise focused on city police departments and their crime labs. Possibly, it’s the straying from the formula that gives “Cyber” such a bad rap.

Fans seemed to love the new “CSI: Vegas” the most, rating it a 7.7 out of 10. The original series comes in closely at 7.6, with “NY” and “Miami” falling in close behind at 6.9 and 6.4, respectively.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Jorja Fox Decides to Leave Franchise

Ahead of season 2 of “CSI: Vegas,” star Jorja Fox has announced that she won’t be moving forward with the series. She tweeted her decision today, Tuesday Jan. 25.

“Hey all you #CSI fans!” she started. “After much deliberating, I have decided not to ‘Sidle up’ for CSI Vegas. For me, CSI has always been a love story. The story that people can find love in the darkest of places and times.”

She continued in a thread, writing, “And the story that love, even in the darkest of places and times, can expand and grow roots and endure. I personally just can’t split Sara and Grissom up again. So goes Grissom…..So goes Sara. Wherever they go, they belong together.”

When deliberating Sara and Grissom’s future on the show, we hold the same opinions as Fox. There’s just no Sara without Grissom, and no Grissom without Sara. They were meant to be working together, as a team, and with William Petersen choosing not to return as Grissom, it’s right that Sara doesn’t return without him. It just makes sense for their characters.

Fox concluded by hopefully writing, “Thanks for watching everyone!!!!! Keep tuning in! I know I will. CSI VEGAS has an incredible team and it should be an amazing show!”