‘CSI’ Fans Know Not All Killers Were Created Equal

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Some “CSI” killers are downright nasty; like the father who murdered his wife and children, or the stalker/murderer who lived in his victim’s attic. But, there are some killers who just fall flat, who don’t have that oomph that some of the others have.

This is true for one season 3 killer the team came up against. The premise was interesting, the crime intriguing, but the big finish was anything but. It goes like this: in the season 3 episode “Forever,” a horse trainer is killed in the cargo hold of a luxury plane. At first, it looks like the horse killed her, but then the horse dies from an infection. The necropsy on the horse shows that it had a bag of diamonds in its uterus. What’s more, some bags have already been taken out.

The team suspects the horse trainer of putting the diamonds in the horse. They’re looking for interested diamond buyers, but that leads them to the plane’s concierge. Apparently, it was him who was smuggling the diamonds, only so he could sell them to his mother, who owned a jewelry store.

A bit anti-climactic, to say the least. Because of this, fans consider this guy one of the worst killers on the show.

All the Shows in the ‘CSI’ Universe

“CSI” is definitely an expansive universe, with “Miami,” “New York,” and “Cyber,” as well as the new “CSI: Vegas.” But there are some other additions to this multi-verse that raise some interesting questions.

First, Gil Grissom made an appearance on “Without A Trace.” This was a crossover with “CSI”; a man escapes capture in Nevada and travels to New York, where Grissom has to help capture him again. This was a season 6 episode of “Without A Trace” called “Where and Why.”

“Cold Case” is also part of the universe, when Danny Pino’s Scotty Valens guest-starred on an episode of “CSI: NY.” The episode, called “Cold Reveal,” Valens comes to New York to tell Mac that they got a hit on a cold case from someone on his team; Stella Bonasera is somehow connected to a 10-year-old case. It’s a convoluted case, and Valens believes Stella killed a woman 10 years ago. But, her DNA got on the body because of a locket necklace from a friend of hers.

They eventually solve the case by finding more DNA, and the perpetrator is an old friend of Stella’s. They used to protect each other when they were younger, but the friend, Victoria, was mistreated later in life. Eventually, Stella has to arrest her for the old murder. It’s definitely an unfortunate case, and it takes many twists and turns. But, it’s solved in the end and further aids in expanding the “CSI” universe.