‘CSI: Miami’ Fans Believe One Scene Strained Credibility

by Hannah Heser

CSI: Miami is the original show’s spin-off. CSI and CSI: Miami were as popular as NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles are today. For example, when a new episode aired, fans would drop everything to watch. And that, my friends, is proof that this series is a fan favorite.

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching investigators solve crimes. It’s almost like you’re uncovering the missing pieces with them. And this was all solved in an hour-long episode. Isn’t that impressive?

To help spark your memory, Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, leads investigators in many crimes across Miami. They must unwrap the mystery before it’s too late.

However, every crime show involves scenes that can potentially go too far. For instance, fans believe that one scene in CSI: Miami strains credibility. Any guesses to what scene they’re talking about?

How One Scene in CSI: Miami Went Too Far

First, CSI: Miami aired on CBS for ten straight seasons. It first aired in 2002 and went until 2012. Therefore, a lot was covered in ten years.

Of course, fans start believing something is wrong years after the finale. And Horatio Caine is said to be the character involved in this mystery.

Okay, any CSI: Miami fan knows that Horatio gets himself in sticky situations throughout each episode. But, one particular scene has fans bursting with frustration. That is the end of season 6 episode 11, according to Looper.

“This episode revolves around a super-weapon, or “The Vaporizer.” This weapon can literally turn a human body into nothing but red dust by firing hundreds of bullets in just one shot.”

Who knew a weapon could do such a thing. But, how exactly did this go too far?

Well, since you asked I’ll tell you.

After Horatio discovers this unique weapon, he realizes that Darren Butler, the defense contractor CEO, is trying to steal the weapon. His goal is to illegally sell to make enough money to secretly take it out of the country. In this case, leaving the country is his only way to not get caught with it.

Upon their face-to-face arrival, a vicious fight goes down. And before Horatio could escape, Darren fires the weapon causing his vehicle to explode. Luckily, no one was injured here.

With the help of Lieutenant, they were able to take Darren down. And the weapon was there’s once and for all.

However, some fans couldn’t believe how real this scene looked. Furthermore, they had a hard time believing that it didn’t actually exist in real-life.