‘CSI: Miami’ Fans Decide on the Best Episode of Season 2

by Lauren Boisvert

According to IMDb, fans have rated their favorite “CSI: Miami” season 2 episode. The fan-favorite is a crossover with “CSI: NY,” episode 23. It also served as the pilot for “CSI: NY.”

The episode, titled “MIA/NYC Nonstop,” followed a murder done by a man who traveled all the way from New York. Laura Spellman comes home to find her parents brutally murdered. Horatio Caine figures out the murderer came in from New York, so he goes there to try and solve the case.

Meanwhile, Mac Taylor arrives at a crime scene; an undercover cop has been strangled, and he’s the same man who Horatio suspected. The killer stole his identity and used it to get to Miami. The whole thing is a case of mistaken identity, as the real killer murdered the wrong people. Turns out, he was hired to kill a wealthy New York family who were traveling to Miami. The family returned unharmed, so he had to kill them in New York.

The episode introduced the “CSI: NY” crew for the first time and launched the show as a backdoor pilot. The episode is a fun one, and one of the franchise’s best; Mac and Horatio trade snappy one-liners, and combine their forensic knowledge to solve the case.

‘CSI: Miami’: Fans Decide Best Episode from Season 1

Fans on IMDb ranked the eighth episode of season 1 the best, with a 7.6 out of 10. The episode, titled “Slaughterhouse,” followed the brutal murder of an entire family, with the only survivors being the toddler and the father. The mother is the first suspect, making it a murder-suicide, but the evidence leads the team to someone else.

It turns out, the harried father killed them all; he apparently couldn’t live his life with four children, couldn’t handle it, and woke up wanting to kill his whole family. The oldest son came home, finding his mother murdered. The father tied up the toddler, then picked up the baby after murdering the middle son. The oldest shot his father, even though he was using the baby as a shield. He tried to escape with the baby, but his wounded father killed them both with the gun left behind. The escaped toddler was found wandering the neighborhood, and the father was picked up by the paramedics and taken into surgery.

A truly gruesome story, but the “CSI” franchise has never shied away from tragedy. For example, in the new series “CSI: Vegas,” there was an episode where a body was decomposed in a bathtub and the team had to sift through the sludge in the pipes. Really, a gross episode, but typical fare for “CSI.” Nothing is too gross or too gruesome for crime scene investigation.