‘CSI: Miami’ Fans Spot Incredibly Accurate Detail from the Early Seasons

by Lauren Boisvert

Eagle-eyed “CSI: Miami” fans have noticed something about the series that you only notice if you’ve watched it about a dozen times. Or if you live in Miami.

See, there’s one aspect of the show that fans have found to be totally accurate; there’s a phone number on the sides of the police cars that isn’t just a random set of numbers. (305) 4-POLICE is the number to call in Miami when you have a non-emergency report.

Pretty cool, if you ask me. It’s little details like an actual phone number that create a sense of realism in a show like “CSI: Miami.” If you live in Miami and are watching the show, it’s a fun shout-out to your city. If you don’t live in Miami, it’s still something fun to learn about the show.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Fans React to News That Stars Will Not Return for Season 2

In “CSI” franchise news, Jorja Fox and William Petersen will not return for “CSI: Vegas” season 2. Fox played Sara Sidle and Petersen played Gil Grissom from the original series. The new “CSI: Vegas” series brought them back last October. The show was only supposed to run as a limited series of 10 episodes. Now we have a second season to look forward to.

So, the fan-favorite couple won’t be returning. Petersen decided he only wanted to do the limited series, and Fox made the choice to step away for the sake of her character; as she tweeted in her announcement, “So goes Grissom…So goes Sara.” She felt it wasn’t in her character’s best interest to split them up again. Fox stayed true to Sara Sidle, and decided that Sara would stick by her husband if he left the crime lab.

But fans were a little skeptical that the show could carry on without Sara and Grissom. They basically carried season one, as a lot of fans tuned in just to see their old favorites. Now that they’re gone, how are fans reacting?

“If Sara and Grissom won’t be in Season 2 anymore, I probably won’t want to watch,” wrote a fan on Reddit. Another agreed, and wrote, “I liked Roby okay but the other two new CSIs just didn’t catch my interest. I suffered through their scenes just get more of Sara and Grissom. Without them continuing as anchor characters, I doubt I’ll bother watching S2.”

Some fans even suggested changes for season 2, in order to bring in more organic viewership. One fan noted that the show just didn’t have enough characters. “[The show] also […] had I think too few characters, which meant too much time, again usually with Folsom and Allie. But build out the lab with a few more techs and a couple of more CSIs, and it won’t feel so much like Folsom and Allie are being shoved down the viewer’s throats the way it did in Season 1.”