‘CSI: Miami’ Once Featured a Future A-Lister in Small Role

by Suzanne Halliburton

CSI: Miami was the first spinoff of the OG show. And it could pull in some talented guest stars.

Back in 2006, when George W Bush was president and NCIS was still in its toddler phase, the series was another acronym show that pulled in millions of viewers. According to the BBC, CSI: Miami was the most popular drama in the world as it muscled sci-fi series Lost and prime-time soap Desperate Housewives out of the way.

Everybody loved to watch investigators solve crimes by analyzing minuscule blood splatters and the trajectory of bullets fired by a high-powered sniper’s rifle. CSI: Miami solved complicated crimes in an hour.

And if you watched the show, you probably noticed some faces who eventually got very familiar. Like, did you know that actor who portrayed James Tiberius Kirk was part of CSI: Miami for a moment?

Chris Pine, the future star of the rebooted Star Trek movies and the boyfriend of Wonder Woman, appeared on CSI: Miami, season two. The actor with the gorgeous blue eyes guest-starred on an episode called Extreme. It ran 18 years ago this month. But this was no festive hour. CSI: Miami was trying to solve the murder of a young heiress. Cops found her body after it had been tossed over a railing.

Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Guess Who the Criminal Was in This CSI: Miami Episode?

The dead heiress was killed somewhere else. And the cause of death was strange. She asphyxiated with a diamond watch. Investigators determined she also was an adrenaline junkie. And the murder happened as part of a kidnapping game. Yes, the cases were weird. You don’t make TV about the non-complicated. Pine played Tommy Chandler, the murder victim’s boyfriend. He was good-looking but poor. He even thought the cops were part of the kidnapping game they’d been playing.

Yes, you probably guessed correctly. Pine was the murderer. Adrenaline junkies need the extreme to get a buzz. It takes more and more danger to feed a thrill addiction. So ride it out and make it a plot in a show like CSI: Miami.

Bizarre plots and an attractive cast made for good TV viewing. Back in 2006, Informa Telecoms and Media surveyed the world’s TV markets, studying shows that made the top 10. According to the survey, CSI: Miami was the most consistently popular across the world. Radio Times first published the survey. Lost, which was about a group of plane crash survivors living on a magical island, ranked second. Desperate Housewives, which told the story of a group of middle-aged suburban women, ranked third. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the original show, was sixth.

Reba McIntyre Dates One of Show’s Former Stars

Horatio Caine (David Caruso) was in charge of CSI: Miami. Horatio was infamous for removing his Aviators to say something profound about the case. Emily Procter played Calleigh, the southern-born ballistics expert.

The show leaned on a couple of soap stars, both from All My Children, for some of its casting. Kim Delaney played Horatio’s first partner, Megan Donner. And Eva LaRue played Natalie, a DNA specialist.

Rex Linn, the boyfriend of country superstar Reba McIntyre, was in 187 of the 232 CSI: Miami episodes. He was a Texas-born homicide detective. The show started in 2002 and ran for a decade.