‘CSI: Miami’: One Prominent Actor Turned Down a Lead Role on the Series

by Joe Rutland

CSI: Miami was one of the franchise’s most popular spin-offs. Yet there was an actor who is well known that turned down a lead role.

Who is this person? Outsiders, let’s look at Looper for an answer.

Actor Sela Ward turned down playing Megan Donner on CSI: Miami. Why? At the time, Ward was raising her young children when the role was offered.

Ward told this to the New York Post in an interview. She has been in movies like Gone Girl and Independence Day: Resurgence.

‘CSI: Miami’ Didn’t Get This Actor But She Did Join Another Spin-off In Franchise

While she turned down one CSI series, Ward did join CSI: New York in the show’s seventh season. She played Detective Jo Danville. Ward was a part of that show through its ninth season. CSI: New York, which starred Gary Sinise, ended after nine seasons on CBS.

So, Outsiders, what about the Megan Donner role? Well, it went to Kim Delaney. And Donner was only a part of CSI: Miami for 10 episodes. The character was written out of the show because there wasn’t much of a connection between Delaney and the rest of the cast.

CSI: Miami actually was the franchise’s first spin-off. The series ran for 232 episodes in 10 seasons.

David Caruso starred as Horatio Caine. Others in the cast included Rex Linn, Emily Procter, Eva Larue, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo.

Want To Catch Up On Series Episodes? Let’s Take A Look At How You Can Do It

If you have seen an episode of CSI: Miami, then you know about the show’s opening couple of minutes.

Usually, it follows a pattern. A murder or crime is shown, with Frank Tripp, played by Linn, showing up to be a rep for the police department.

Then, Horatio comes along, surveys the scene, and makes some comments. Caruso adjusts his sunglasses and, well, The Who comes on with the show’s theme song.

Outsiders, you get a shot at seeing this opening again in reruns. But where can you see the show? Hulu.

All of the show’s seasons are there. Other CSI shows are on the Hulu + Live TV package deal.

Paramount+ streaming service has CSI: Miami and three other spin-offs available. Check out Amazon Prime for one-episode viewing.

Now hold on a second. You know that Linn is dating Reba McEntire, right?

She talked about it in October 2020 on her Living & Learning With Reba McEntire podcast.

McEntire said she and Linn started dating earlier in 2020.

She says, “and then February on, it was the COVID pandemic, and we were talking, texting, FaceTime. And that’s a really good way to get to know people.”