‘CSI: Miami’ Star Played Bob Saget’s Wife on ‘Fuller House’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Eva LaRue joined CSI: Miami straight from the soap opera All My Children. Pine Valley’s Dr. Maria Santos Grey evolved into DNA analyst Natalia Boa Vista.

But LaRue also is the answer to a trivia question. Who was Danny Tanner’s second wife? Wait, who knew Tanner had more than one? In this case, we’re talking the Full House reboot, Fuller House. The late Bob Saget played Tanner, America’s dad for much of the 1990s. Except in Full House, Tanner was a widower, raising his three young daughters with the help of his best friend and brother-in-law.

LaRue appeared in the premiere of Fuller House as Teri Tanner. But after the 2016 episode called Our Very First Show, Again, fans never saw the CSI: Miami alum again. There wasn’t much mention of her, either. By season three, the show revealed that Danny and Teri were divorced. That was in the episode called Declarations of Independence. Danny hosted his traditional Fourth of July party and those in attendance had to give up a secret. Divorce was Danny’s.

Sadly, Saget died six days ago. He was only 65. The comedian was on tour. And he was found dead in his hotel room in Orlando, hours after he’d finished one of his shows.

LaRue is now 55. Her face was all over television two decades ago. She was right in the middle of her run with All My Children. Her love interest was Edmund Grey (the late John Callahan). And she also married Callahan while both were on the classic soap opera.

Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

As Marriage Ended, LaRue Joined CSI: Miami

But in 2005, she earned a role in CSI: Miami as her marriage to Callahan was ending. Callahan died in 2020. On the show, she became a recurring character her first season, then full-time for seasons five through 10. In her first year with CSI: Miami, she worked as a secret FBI informant, tasked with gathering info on Horatio Caine. But she insisted that she’d only provided the FBI with positive information about Horatio and the lab. Turns out she told the truth. The negative info came from someone else.

By season five, CSI: Miami gave her a more complicated story line. Did she kill her ex-husband, Nick Townsend? He used to abuse her, so Natalia was an obvious suspect. But another man killed Nick after Nick stole some earrings from a crime scene.

In another bit of trivia, LaRue wasn’t the lone All My Children cast member who played a major role on the show. Think back to 2002, when CSI: Miami first premiered. Kim Delaney, who played Jenny Gardner on All My Children, joined the cast and became the first partner of Horatio’s. David Caruso, who played Horatio, and Delaney both were in NYPD Blue. But Delaney lasted only 10 episodes.

CBS decided Delaney didn’t have much chemistry with Caruso or other cast members, so she was written out of the show. But Delaney then returned to NYPD Blue, so it worked out well.