‘CSI’ Once Featured One Future Hollywood A-Lister

by Joe Rutland

When looking back at the success of CSI on CBS, some notable cast members are remembered. What Hollywood A-Lister was on there?

No, we are not talking about Laurence Fishburne here.

Let’s take a look at this CSI riddle through the eyes of an article from Looper.

We are bringing up the name Channing Tatum. Yes, sir, he appeared as a guest star on the spin-off CSI: Miami.

Tatum is an actor, dancer, and funnyman.

Let’s turn the classic TV clock back to Season 3 and an episode titled Pro Per, which aired back in 2004.

‘CSI’ Spin-Off Let Tatum Show Off Acting Chops As A Young Rap Star

So, Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso, and Calleigh Duquesne, played by Emily Procter, have a case about a woman who gets shot and killed by an unknown shooter at a beachside party. They start pursuing leads but find themselves on the boat where the shooter fired his gun.

Bob Davenport, who is an aspiring white rapper, says he found the boat abandoned and availed himself of it after everything had gone down.

Guess who plays Davenport? That’s right, Outsiders. Our man Channing Tatum on CSI: Miami.

It appears this is Tatum’s lone TV role, outside of a hosting stint in 2012 on Saturday Night Live.

He took the models-turned-actor journey but it just ended up being different than others.

Oh, if you are looking for this CSI spin-off, then it airs in reruns on some TV channels on cable.

Big-Name Actor Was Offered Prominent Role on Show But Declined Offer

When you get a chance to star in a CSI show, usually that brings on an immediate yes from any actor.

This was not the case, though, with one prominent actor who was offered a leading and prominent role.

Who turned down CSI: Miami?

We go back to Looper for an answer.

Turns out that Sela Ward turned down playing Megan Donner. At the time, she was raising her young children and wanted to hang around them.

Ward told this to the New York Post in an interview. She has been in movies like Gone Girl and Independence Day: Resurgence.

But you know what? Ward ultimately joined CSI: New York in Season 7 and starred opposite Gary Sinise.

Ward did play Detective Jo Danville. She stayed there through Season 9.

So, Outsiders, what about the Megan Donner role? Well, it went to Kim Delaney. And Donner was only a part of CSI: Miami for 10 episodes. The character was written out of the show because there wasn’t much of a connection between Delaney and the rest of the cast.

And CSI is back on CBS, though, as CSI: Vegas.