‘CSI’: One Episode Pushed Sara Sidle to the Very Edge

by Lauren Boisvert

There was a moment in the season 4 finale of “CSI” that took Sara Sidle to the very edge and then just yanked her back. The episode, titled “Bloodlines”, followed the case of a casino worker who was brutally attacked and raped, but survived. She identified the guy who did it, but when the CSI tested the DNA, it turned out not to be him.

Sara also doesn’t deal with the case very well. She sympathizes with cases involving violence against women, because her mother was abused by Sara’s father, until she snapped and killed him. Sara was put into foster care, where she realized that her situation was not, in fact, normal.

But something about this case pushed Sara to the brink. At the end of the episode, Grissom gets a call telling him that Sara has been pulled over for drunk driving. Her blood alcohol level is over the legal limit, but the cop gives her a break and doesn’t arrest her. Grissom takes Sara home. While she didn’t officially get punished for her actions, she does have to deal with the humiliation.

But, this moment bugged some fans, because it promotes the idea that those who work with the police aren’t subject to the same rules that they try to enforce. It’s unlikely that moment was meant to poke holes in the legal system, but it still wasn’t a good look. Sara was caught driving under the influence, she should be punished like the rest of us. But that would inadvertently add another level to her character that the writers would have to deal with. With this situation, they only have to mention it once.

One ‘CSI’ Episode Really Creeped Fans Out

The season 13 finale really got to some fans. The episode was titled “Skin in the Game”, and featured a serial killer who killed just for the thrill of it.

The killer murdered people associated with the gambling industry, and staged their bodies in poses referencing Dante’s “Inferno”. The team kept finding bodies, and it seemed like the carnage would never stop. Each crime scene was more gruesome than the last.

The team’s main suspect turned out to be a priest; the episode ends on an intense cliffhanger, with both Morgan Brody and Brass’ daughter, Ellie, captured by the madman. Morgan went undercover to try and weed out the suspect, but she gets made. Ellie went missing earlier in the episode, and Brass has been trying to find her. The priest turns out to just be a pimp, who bargains Ellie’s location for his freedom. That leads to the undercover op, which leads to disaster. At the end of the episode, the killer still has five circles of hell to go, which means five more bodies.