‘CSI’: One Season 2 Scene Terrified Fans

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by J. Vespa/WireImage)

“CSI” wasn’t known for being particularly scary, per se, as it mostly focused on the science of crime solving. But, there were times where the show definitely upped the creep factor. So much so, that some fans are terrified of this season 2 scene to this day.

In the episode titled “Stalker”, the CSIs come upon a crime scene that has haunted fans. A woman is murdered in her heavily secured apartment, clearly worried about a stalker. The body is positioned leaning over the toilet as if throwing up. The position of the body triggers something for Nick Stokes; he later believes he’s the stalker’s next target, which turns out to be terrifyingly true.

The killer was recreating a picture of Stokes’ red-headed high school prom date; he later emailed Stokes the photo of the prom date hunched over the toilet, sick. The stalker lived in the victim’s attic in order to control her, and he tries to do the same with Stokes. The CSIs solve the case in time, of course. But, some fans still consider this episode bone-chilling.

“This episode creeped me out so much I can’t really rewatch it,” wrote one fan on “CSI”‘s subreddit. On a horror subreddit, another user claimed they were “legitimately scared to the point that [they] didn’t want to go to bed.”

Honestly, the idea of someone living in your attic is already terrifying; watching it on screen is enough to induce nightmares. So, I don’t really blame these “CSI” fans for being scared. I’d be checking my attic for a stalker too.

‘CSI’: Fans Were Once Terrified By an Episode from Season 1

In keeping with the theme, there was also an episode in season 1 that totally freaked a lot of fans out. The episode, titled “Blood Drops”, opens on the CSIs investigating the gruesome murder of almost an entire family. The only two survivors were the sisters, Brenda and Tina.

It wasn’t the actual crime scene that was scary, though. It was the fact that the older sister, Tina, had paid someone to kill her family. She had gone through so much abuse from her father as a child, and her mother and brothers did nothing about it. In her eyes, they were as complicit in the abuse as her father was. At the end of the episode, it gets even worse; Brenda isn’t Tina’s younger sister, but her daughter from her father. Yikes.

Understandably, fans were freaked. The comments on a YouTube video from the episode say it all. “20 years later and still one of the most disturbing episodes of TV I’ve ever seen,” one fan commented. “My jaw hit the floor when the twist was revealed! The fact that the little girl was the child of father/daughter incest creeps me out to this day.”