‘CSI’: Two Stars Later Played on Another Show Together

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It’s always interesting when you see actors in one show who appeared in a different one. We have that situation with two CSI stars.

Who could they be, Outsiders? We’ll find that out with some help from Looper.

The two are Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburne. They appeared on CSI and are a part of the cast for Black-ish.

Let’s start by looking at their work on CSI.

At the time she appeared in Season 11, Ross played Gloria Parkes, ex-wife of Raymond Langston, played by Fishburne. Parkes had a sweet spot in episodes titled In a Dark, Dark House and Cello and Goodbye.

‘CSI’ Actor’s Character Kills Psychopath, Team Members Cover It Up

Fans remember seeing Langston become a target for psychopath Nate Haskell, played by Bill Irwin. As it turns out, Haskell goes to Los Angeles and ends up kidnapping Parkes. Langston goes on the prowl in CSI and tracks down Haskell.

In the process, Langston nabs Haskell, rescues Parkes, and kills Haskell. Ross appeared in two more episodes for Season 11, Father of the Bride and All That Cremains.

What happens, though, with Langston? The members of his CSI team go on the offensive and help their leader cover up this killing.

But Langston ends up leaving the team. Other CSI team members got demotions for their roles.

Ross currently plays Dr. Rainbow Johnson on the ABC sitcom Black-ish. She also is the wife of Earl “Pops” Johnson, who is played by Fishburne. When the show first aired in 2014, Fishburne was an executive producer.

Current Show Based In Las Vegas Has Not Received Renewal For Season 2

Right now, CSI: Vegas just wrapped up Season 1 on CBS.

This show features OG CSI stars William Petersen and Jorja Fox. They returned in their familiar roles of Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, respectively.

What about Season 2? CSI: Vegas showrunner Jason Tracey has not received the word.

He spoke with CinemaBlend about a possible season 2. Tracey, though, wanted to spend time on the Season 1 finale final scene.

Cameras pan around a white-painted room. A black-gloved hand just writes some weird symbols and words on every surface. Viewers then hear a news broadcast in the background. A voice asks, “Is there a serial killer active in Las Vegas?”

The suspect uses “his own made-up language that’s based on the Voynich [manuscript], those crazy, medieval texts […],” Tracey said. “I’ll just say ‘there is a world of possibilities,’ but you might be looking at a brand-new madman there.”

Again, what about Season 2 of this show?

Tracey didn’t have any news to report.

Yes, the show’s writers do have ideas. They set up the season finale to be a lead-in for a new season.