‘CSI: Vegas’: Allie Has Heard Enough in New Clip from Episode 7

by Lauren Boisvert

Sometimes, someone tells you something you don’t want to hear, and you have to just walk away. That’s exactly what Allie Rajan had to do in the latest episode of “CSI: Vegas.”

The official “CSI: Vegas” Twitter posted a clip from the latest episode, titled “In the Blood.” The clip featured Allie and another character discussing body decomposition. Things turn creepy quickly, though, and Allie decides to get out of there.

“An air conditioner running full blast,” the woman asks Allie as she searches for evidence, “Could that, like, preserve a body?”

“No,” says Allie, “but environmental factors can affect decomp. It would slow it a little.”

Here’s where things get extra creepy; the woman says, “So if I had cranked the AC, it would’ve looked like Daddy died, like, two hours later.”

Allie gives a curt and uncomfortable, “Okay,” then says, “Well, there’s no obvious murder weapons here.” She then skedaddles right out of that room, as she should. That’s a weird thing to say to someone you just met.

“Just two death experts having a chat,” the “CSI: Vegas” Twitter page captioned the video. An obvious understatement.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Someone Gets Suspended and Folsom Gets Character Development

In the most recent “CSI: Vegas” episode, “In the Blood,” we got to learn a little more about Folsom’s background. The episode centered around horses, and apparently Folsom has had experience with them.

We find out in the episode that his father accrued gambling debts, and Folsom worked at the horse track to pay them off. There, he discovered his love of horses. No wonder he wears cowboy boots on the job. He was going to be a large animal veterinarian but had to drop out when his mom got sick. He took care of her, and then later discovered his interest in forensics. This led him the CSI in Las Vegas.

With the Hodges case and mysteries-of-the-week, there hasn’t been a lot of time for character development. It feels like a lot of that is focused on Sara and Grissom, exploring their home life, and not a lot is centered on Folsom, Maxine, Allie, or Chris Park. Additionally, even though Chris Park is easily the most interesting character on the team so far, we don’t see him nearly enough.

Another bombshell that dropped in episode 7 was a suspension from the crime lab. It was none other than Maxine Roby herself; apparently, she made a call to the Washoe office to check on the case, which was transferred there by Internal Affairs to reduce conflict of interest. Because she called, the higher-ups suspended her. But, that seems a little harsh.

Undersheriff Wyatt has to tell Maxine she’s suspended, and of course, she questions it. “This comes from on high,” Wyatt tells her. She asks who’s behind it, and Wyatt points to a picture of Anson Wix. “Ask him,” he says.

Now, the crime lab is without a leader for who knows how long. Will Sara step into that position, even for a brief time? We’ll have to wait for next Wednesday to find out.