‘CSI: Vegas’: Allie and Josh Are ‘Getting Cheeky’ in New Clip

by Chase Thomas

Allie and Josh are “getting cheeky” in a new clip posted by the CSI: Vegas Twitter account.

Fans tweeted back at the account their diverse takes on the potential couple with one fan tweeting, “I love them individually but as a couple… NAH!”

Another tweeted, “Zero Chemistry. Really boring watching them. Lets stop this forced whatever it is. They don’t even look good together. GSR is the only ship we want to see more of. Their marriage is where it is.”

So, although CSI: Vegas is teasing its viewers on the potential relationship, fans of the program, at least on Twitter, don’t seem to be on board. At least not as of yet.

Will Allie And Josh Get Together on ‘CSI: Vegas’

The question as to whether or not Josh and Allie will become a couple down the line on CSI: Vegas has become a major one on the program. Some folks are for it, but as you can see from the above tweets a lot of folks may not be all that thrilled about the partnership.

However, Mandeep spoke with Hollywood Life about this very tease that the official Twitter account continues to allude to.

Mandeep said in regards to if Allie has a thing for Josh in the least bit, “Absolutely! I think they think about that quite a bit.” She confirms that Allie does see Josh in that way, but it’s complicated. Allie can feel this way, sure, but she does also still have a boyfriend. It does not get more complicated than that.

Will They Try It on ‘CSI: Vegas’

She continues, “Allie does for sure [laughs]. I think Josh does too but because he is a Level 3 CSI, and he is aware that Allie has a boyfriend. He refuses to go there. They also know they have a real friendship and make a great team, which is not worth the risk if things went sour.. or is it? [laughs].”

So, Josh is a good guy in the show, so he is not going to seemingly act on his feelings, if he does, because of his role in CSI, but also what’s at stake. It would be a complicated relationship to navigate as she points out. Not only does she have a boyfriend, but they work together, function well as just being friends, and could ruin things for the team if they follow their feelings and it does not end well.

That is a distinct possibility on CSI: Vegas. However, the fact that the show is teasing fans to this degree, especially on social media through their Twitter account, it is fair for fans to let their voices be heard because where there is smoke there is fire and it certainly seems like a fire is brewing between Allie and Josh and it may mean an attempt at a relationship.