‘CSI: Vegas’ Boss Reveals Why Romantic ‘GSR’ Scene Was Cut

by Joe Rutland

Fans of CSI: Vegas know Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle have been an item. But we have an answer for a love scene getting cut.

Showrunner Jason Tracey spills the beans in this interview with TV Line.

OK, so fans did point out that the scene, which had been teased, did not appear. William Petersen plays Gil Grissom, while Jorja Fox plays Sara Sidle, respectively.

Where is the kiss? Fox hit Twitter in October, saying, “William P & I did shoot a hand holding & kissing scene, I even shot a scene where I talked about where Sara & Grissom have been for the last 5 years. For some reason, the producers and/or network took these scenes out of the show.”

‘CSI: Vegas’ Showrunner, Executive Producer Speaks Up On Cut Kissing Scene

So, why no kiss? The idea was to make that roller coaster ride all the more thrilling. Petersen and Fox were seated on a roller coaster when the moment that no one saw happened.

“When you shoot something and the folks at [the] promo [department] get a hold of it, it’s a very enticing moment [to included],” Tracey said. “But from a storytelling standpoint, I think that when the audience sees where we left things [with the season finale] and how we kind of brought it all home for those two characters, sometimes rewards are sweetest if you kind of have to wait.

“We like the shape of the story that we told,” the CSI: Vegas executive producer says. “I hope people don’t feel too cheated, but we’ll see how they feel when they’ve gotten to absorb the finale and see that maybe we saved the best for last.”

Recently, CBS picked the show up for a second season. This will give it a chance to do more than the 10 episodes that made up its first season. Petersen will not return in his Grissom role, but he will be involved as an executive producer. Fox has yet to officially say “yea” or “nay” about coming back to CSI: Vegas.

Other cast members from CSI: Vegas might return.

EP Offers A Little Sneak Peek As To What Season 2 Might Look Like

What might Season 2 of the show look like?

Let’s turn to Tracey for some words. He talked about it with CinemaBlend.

“If you look at what he’s writing,” Tracey said, “it’s actually his own made-up language that’s based on the Voynich [manuscript], those crazy, medieval texts […] I’ll just say ‘there is a world of possibilities,’ but you might be looking at a brand-new madman there.”

That refers to the strange writing scene in the episode.

“Everything is open interpretation until it’s not,” Tracey says, “and we’re a long way from being able to tell those stories in Season 2.”