‘CSI: Vegas’ Brought Back a Major Character at the Last Second, Fans Have Mixed Emotions

by Keeli Parkey

The debut of the CBS show “CSI: Vegas” gave fans a return to the origins of the decades-old franchise. It also reunited fans with some of their most beloved characters. And the debut episode, which aired on Wednesday, Oct. 6, also gave fans a mystery that is expected to take the entire first season to solve.

With all that happened in the debut episode of “CSI: Vegas,” there was one moment that really captured the attention of its viewers. (Spoiler warning: We will be talking about a few details from the show’s first episode in what follows.)

That moment came near the very end of the debut episode. And it had fans talking – especially on social media. That moment, of course, was the appearance of the beloved character, Gil Grissom (William Petersen). According to PopCulture, Wednesday’s episode was the first time Grissom has been seen in the “CSI” franchise since 2015.

As fans of the popular CBS show are aware, Grissom was one of the first characters in the “CSI” world that viewers got to know when the franchise debuted in 2000. He was a major figure in the drama of the original “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and stayed with the show until 2015.

So, it’s not all that surprising that his appearance close to the end of the new show’s first episode had fans all worked up. And, like most things these days, some people were happy about it and some were annoyed.

Some Viewers of ‘CSI: Vegas’ Expressed Their Joy About Gil Grissom’s Return on Social Media

Fans who were happy to see Gil Grissom appear on “CSI: Vegas” shared comments such as:

“Missed him so much. I’m watching the first seasons and he was a true leader. He taught, inspired and led his team. A boss I would’ve wanted to have,” one fan of the franchise shared.

Another posted, “I actually clapped and screamed “Gil” when he came on!!!”

“So excited to see Grissom – wondered when he would debut in this new series. Smart and clever as I remember. Think may like new team. Folsom is a little like Gil IMO. Can’t wait next week,” another viewer also shared on social media.

While some viewers were happy to see Gil Grissom make an appearance in “CSI: Vegas” they were disappointed that it didn’t happen earlier in the debut episode.

“You’re so mean. I’ve been waiting all night for Grissom and he only showed in the last 5 seconds,” one fan shared.

Another fan expressed hope that they would get to see more of Grissom in the future. “Welcome back … Nice premiere episode! Great to see Sara Sidle again; look forward to seeing Gil Grissom in a full episode next week,” another fan shared.

If you want to see what Gil Grissom and the rest of the “CSI: Vegas” team get up to, don’t forget that the show airs on Wednesday nights. Its airtime is 10 p.m. (ET) on CBS. So, mark your calendars!