‘CSI: Vegas’: Could an Early Plot Hole Actually Be a Clue?

by Lauren Boisvert

There seems to be a glaring plot hole in last night’s episode of “CSI: Vegas,” but when you spin it a certain way, it turns into a clue. So, which is it; writer oversight? Or a cleverly disguised plot device?

Let’s get into what actually happened. After narrowing down their suspects to Martin Kline, a former medical examiner turned expert witness, Grissom and Sara took a trip to the body farm. The body farm is a real place, by the way; it’s where dead bodies are left out in the elements so medical examiners and forensic pathologists in the crime-solving field can learn about decomposition and better identify bodies and causes of death in the future. Could be you if you donate your body to science when you die.

I digress. Grissom and Sara head to the body farm and meet Dr. Patel Abbas. Abbas is quick to say Kline is definitely the type to steal bones and take “souvenirs.” Apparently, no one in the pathology community likes Kline; Abbas is sure that if anyone was a “creepy bone thief,” it’s Kline.

So, we got our guy, where’s the plot hole? That comes when Kline pays Sara a visit at the crime lab in a singularly creepy scene between the two of them. Kline reveals that they have a “mutual acquaintance,” that being Dr. Abbas. And therein lies the plot hole.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Plot Hole or Clever Twist?

The question is, did Abbas tell Kline that the crime lab was investigating him? Probably, or why would Kline bring it up? Gossip travels fast, but not that fast. What stands out about Abbas telling Kline about the investigation, is that Abbas gave the impression that Kline has a bad reputation, that he and Abbas don’t get along, and that nobody really likes Kline in the community. So why warn him that he’s under investigation?

Abbas could have mocked him for it, maybe. Taunted him about being investigated and let it slip that way. But the other theory is that Abbas is the mastermind behind the Hodges frame-up. Additionally, Kline calls someone as he’s leaving the crime lab and tells them, “They know. It will have to be dealt with.” And it does get dealt with, just not in a way Kline was expecting.

The episode ends with Kline’s head exploded by a grenade and his home burned down. This successfully gets rid of any evidence Grissom and Sara had, and they’re back to square one. But, now they have Abbas they can look into, and there was some evidence left behind that Grissom grabbed. They might be back on track with that, but it’s hard to tell. We’ll just have to wait until things start coming together in the next episode of “CSI: Vegas.”