‘CSI: Vegas’: Did Viewers Turn Out to See the Revival?

by Jonathan Howard

For the first time since 2016, the CSI franchise got a new spinoff. CSI: Vegas debuted Wednesday night to millions of viewers. Did a new series bring out a strong viewership when compared against other shows?

The rating story for the debut of CSI: Vegas is a mixed bag. There are good numbers, but they didn’t perform the best on the night. The interest in this series comes from being a whole season arc, rather than canned one-off episodes like the original series.

After the show debuted and the dust settled, it was a good night for the new series. They debuted to 4 million viewers with a rating of 0.4, on the night, they were fourth overall. Survivor, Tough as Nails, and SEAL Team all performed better. However, the new show did make an improvement over the viewership that SWAT received in that same time slot.

So, it appears like a success. Perhaps they will be able to improve on the success of the debut. If they can keep fans interested, the season arc could capture the attention of millions. Wednesday nights are going to be more competitive as CSI: Vegas gets familiar with this audience.

As far as fall debuts go, this was a good, not great debut when put up against others from this year. Among those premieres, the new CSI spinoff ranks sixth and seventh on the list. That isn’t bad and the series has a fanbase that wants more content from the series

‘CSI: Vegas’ Debut Sets Up Season Arc

While it isn’t clear exactly how this season is going to play out, CSI: Vegas. Fans were happy to see original cast members Jorja Fox and William Petersen make appearances in the show. That gives fans some familiarity with the characters in the series.

The new cast members should grow on viewers quickly. Writers and producers plan on delving into the personal lives of each character. So, there will be plenty to see outside of the law enforcement aspect. Other shows have made similar decisions. When the fans get to know characters on a deeper level, that’s when they come back for more and more.

The first episode began with attempted murder. The LVPD Captain Jim Brass is attacked. However, he survives the murder attempt. That’s when Sara Sidle, played by Fox drives from San Diego to Las Vegas to help her friend, Brass. The episode ends with a twist.

It appears that the person who hired the hit didn’t want Brass to die. Instead, he wanted law enforcement to go on a chase for no good reason. Soon, it appears that David Hodges has been implicated in potentially tampering with evidence. However, it might be a frame job. Viewers will need to tune in next week to get the next installment.