‘CSI: Vegas’ Drives Fans Wild with This Cryptic New Clue

by Megan Molseed

It likely goes without saying that CSI: Vegas fans love a good clue. And, based on much of the popular CBS investigative series’ storylines, the more cryptic the clue, the better!

Thankfully, the CSI: Vegas showrunners, as well as those in charge of the show’s Twitter page, know this well. So, fans got a perfectly hauntingly intriguing cryptic clue ahead of tonight’s brand new CSI: Vegas episode.

“The writing’s on the wall, but the wicks are bringing smoke and mirrors,” notes the CSI: Vegas Twitter page in the November 17 post.

“Where do the answers lie?” the Wednesday afternoon post asks. “Allow me to fan the flames.”

The Twitter post includes a brief video to coincide with the intriguingly cryptic message. And, the video is just as haunting as the message.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Intrigues Fans As They ‘Fan the Flames’

Featuring a flame that seems to be part of a computer-generated candle, we see something that looks like drops of blood at the top of the unique image as the flame begins to flicker.

Then, suddenly, the candle’s flame is extinguished, and the smoke begins to form some mysterious letters.

As the Twitter post promises, the flames have been fanned, clarifying all that we see within the “smoke and mirrors.”

Then, ten letters are revealed on the screen: BTDHENIOOL.

Of course, fans of the hit CBS series were eager to decipher this code. And, many seem to be CSI investigators themselves as the answer seems to lie within the title of tonight’s brand-new episode.

“They lie in the blood…” one Twitter fan responds in the comments. While others agree with the same conclusion.

“In The Blood,” deciphers another CSI: Vegas Twitter follower.

The newest CSI: Vegas episode is set to premiere tonight, Wednesday, November 17.

The title of this brand new episode? In the Blood. What a perfect cryptic clue for an equally cryptic title to the upcoming episode.

Finding The Clues To Answer The Questions

We know the CSI: Vegas team focuses their crime-solving skills on investigating things left behind at crime scenes. And, often these things left behind include clues within the blood.

The recently released synopsis of tonight’s CSI: Vegas episode describes that the team of investigators discover an abandoned horse that is covered in blood.

This blood-covered horse then leads the team to a halfway house for convicted murderers.

Clearly, this week’s episode puts much more stock into the blood they are investigating.

More than likely the blood the team finds on the wayward horse will lead the CSI investigators down an intriguing path as they work to solve their latest case.