‘CSI: Vegas’ EP Says Premiere Episode Already Introduced ‘Viable’ Suspect in Season-Long Case

by Keeli Parkey

The television run of “CSI: Vegas” is just in its infancy. However, the new CBS series is already giving fans a lot to think about.

In fact, in its debut episode on Wednesday, Oct. 6, the new “CSI” spinoff set up a storyline that is meant to play out throughout the show’s inaugural season. And, according to Clayton News-Daily, fans of the show have already met an individual who is a “viable” suspect in the case that will bring drama to the show during the season. Or so says an executive producer for the new series.

Before we get into what this person behind “CSI: Vegas” has to say on the subject, readers should be aware that spoilers for the first episode of the CBS series will be discussed in this article.

Investigation Leads Team to a Storage Unit

If you watched the premiere episode, you will know that much of the drama surrounded David Hodges (Wally Langham). A storage unit he rented also figures prominently in the plot. The events that led the team to Hodges and his storage locker began after the crime lab’s Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) was assaulted at home.

Following the attack, Brass reached out to Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) for assistance. To begin with, information pointed to Bill Dwyer (Charles Baker). He had been in jail thanks to the team’s prior work. Later, however, a note emerges. It states, “I think it’s where they do it.”

And the note points the investigators to a storage unit in this “CSI: Vegas” episode.

The team discovers that the unit was rented by David Hodges. And he had rented it for a significant period of time. Surprisingly, inside the storage unit they find a small crime lab, as well as case files. The lab has the tools that would be necessary to create false evidence and false test results.

Unsurprisingly, Hodges is charged. At the end of the episode, it is the famous Gil Grissom (William Petersen) who advises that the team. He said they should “follow the evidence.”

Fans of ‘CSI: Vegas’ Should Expect a Storyline to Run Throughout the Season

According to “CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker, having a long-time character that fans are familiar with from the series be charged with a crime brings a lot of drama to the new “CSI: Vegas” series.

“The character of David Hodges has been with our ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ franchise for most of the run, so his tenure is deep. He’s been there, I believe, probably 15 or 16 seasons,” Zuiker explained. “So he definitely had the longitude and the tenure to be able to be implicated versus someone who was there for a cup of coffee. It’s a viable choice. And I think the audience who are the loyalists to ‘CSI’ will understand that they should be taking that particular character seriously based on these allegations.”

Zuiker also shared details about what fans should expect in the coming weeks – and throughout the season.

“A lot of twists and turns. The pressure cooker will begin to be plugged in rapidly by episode three. … this will be a 10-episode arc running all the way through the season. It’ll be something that’s dealt with every single episode and will come to a climactic conclusion,” the creator said.