‘CSI: Vegas’: Fans of Original Series Weigh In on Revival

by Shelby Scott

Last night saw the premiere of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’s” newest spin-off, “CSI: Vegas.” Since the flagship show’s conclusion in 2015, fans have waited a long six years to see their favorite characters return. Finally, they received that satisfaction last night. Further, in the hours leading up to the premiere of “CSI: Vegas” long-time fans of the show went wild with impatience across social media.

A day later, we’re starting to see some of “CSI: Vegas” viewers’ responses to the premiere. As always, it’s a mixed bag. Regardless, however, it appears “CSI” fans are willing to give the show a chance.

According to PopCulture, for those new to the franchise, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” originated in Las Vegas. So, long-time fans were happy to see the agency return to its origins from more than 20 years ago. In addition, the return of several fan-favorite characters practically guarantees the new spin-off a successful start. Several “CSI” fans went “absolutely feral” seeing Sara Sidle return to screens. More on that momentarily.

Of the premiere, Stephanie said, “Just finished watching CSI: Vegas and wow! I loved it!” Others had further opinions on the premiere, providing a list of likes and dislikes. Adri shared that they believe the main story should be a good arc and that they really like the new character, Max. However, they felt the premiere was “a bit rushed” and they also weren’t a fan of the new character, Folsom. To each their own, I suppose.

Still others became immediately “hooked on this product of pure nostalgia” and can’t wait to see the new team again next week.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Welcomes Back the Beloved Sara Sidle

“CSI: Vegas” viewers were ecstatic and relieved to finally see a new edition to the iconic CBS show. However, while there is no doubt fans went wild with anticipation for the premiere and are dying for next week’s episode, others were simply thrilled to see the return of original cast member Sara Sidle, played by actress Jorja Fox.

As last night’s premiere aired, fans greeted the actress with numerous enthusiastic welcomes across Twitter. Alana kindly wrote, “Welcome back, @JorjaFoxofficia!!”

Others were thrilled to see star Sara Sidle return to the screen with the same drive and energy she possessed in the original series. “Sara still got it, like no time has passed,” wrote Kristi.

However, fans weren’t the only ones excited for the star’s return to the new “CSI: Vegas.” Sara Sidle actress Jorja Fox shared she was excited herself to be returning to the franchise after several long years.

“One of the most exciting parts for me of coming back,” she shared, “was there’s been this longstanding love affair between Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle…it’s as old as the series itself.”