‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Respond to News Jorja Fox and William Petersen Aren’t Returning

by Lauren Boisvert

The news has broken that both Jorja Fox and William Petersen will not return to “CSI: Vegas.” In a recent Reddit thread, fans discussed their reactions to the news, and their plans regarding viewership.

The original post started out by claiming that Sara and Grissom carried the show. They wrote that they enjoyed “CSI: Vegas,” but ultimately watched for Sara and Grissom. That’s the consensus from a lot of fans; a good majority tuned in as carryover from the original series. So, with their stars gone, are they going to keep watching?

“If Sara and Grissom won’t be in Season 2 anymore, I probably won’t want to watch,” wrote the original poster. Another fan agreed, writing, “I liked Roby okay but the other two new CSIs just didn’t catch my interest. I suffered through their scenes just get more of Sara and Grissom. Without them continuing as anchor characters, I doubt I’ll bother watching S2.”

Another fan stated that they thought the problem with the new show was not enough characters. There were complaints about too much screen time with Folsom and Allie, and fans thought “CSI”: Vegas” tried to create a romance in 10 episodes that would benefit from being stretched over two seasons.

“[The show] also […] had I think too few characters, which meant too much time, again usually with Folsom and Allie. But build out the lab with a few more techs and a couple of more CSIs, and it won’t feel so much like Folsom and Allie are being shoved down the viewer’s throats the way it did in Season 1.”

All in all, the characters fall a little flat, and Sara and Grissom definitely carried the show for a lot of fans. So, what can “CSI: Vegas” do in season 2 to remedy this?

What Can We Expect From ‘CSI: Vegas’ Season 2?

First of all, the show needs to pump up these characters to the max. I’m talking backstory, childhood, hobbies, what they do outside of work, what they do during work, what they eat for lunch, etc. We need lore, we need full Fandom wiki pages, and we need dynamic characters if season 2 is going to work. Folsom, Allie, Maxine, and, hopefully, Chris have to carry the show now, after all.

With more dynamic characters, you get better dialogue and storylines. Right now, the characters are flat and bland. The only one with even a little bit of personality was Chris Park. I believe he needs more screen time in order to round out the other characters. Chris was comic relief, but he could also make the characters more human. Currently, Folsom and Allie act like they’ve never met another human being before.

Additionally, the romance was forced. That needs to be slowed down, and stretched over another few seasons. It needs to happen naturally. We got a hint that Allie and Folsom knew each other before working together, but that was then abandoned. We should know more about that, really break these characters open.

Hopefully, “CSI: Vegas” makes some changes in the wake of their stars leaving. Otherwise, I smell cancelation for the series.