‘CSI: Vegas’ Fans Will Get an Answer for Grissom and Sara’s Almost-Kiss

by Joe Rutland

Recently, CSI: Vegas cut a scene where Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle were about to have a romantic moment and kiss. What happened to it?

TV Line reports that there will be an answer for the cut scene from CSI: Vegas that features William Petersen and Jorja Fox in their OG characters.

When the show comes up with an answer, though, fans already will know that Petersen will not be returning to the show. CBS picked it up for a second season, but the actor decided not to return as Gil. Yet he will remain as an executive producer.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Will Have Most of Show’s Season 1 Cast Members Coming Back As Of Now

Will Fox come back as Sara? Apparently, she has not made up her mind about another season, too. Petersen and Fox starred in the show’s first season. Their characters added a sense of stability as other new actors came into the franchise’s world.

So, the series had 10 episodes in Season 1. Viewers were introduced to Paul Newsome as Maxine “Max” Roby, who is the head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Other cast members include Matt Lauria, Mandeep Dhillon, and Mel Rodriguez.

CSI: Vegas has a connection with the original show in the fact that it’s part of a franchise. As far as we know, Outsiders, all of the cast members mentioned just above will be returning. When word about Fox’s future breaks, then we’ll let you know.

Showrunner Talks About Using California as a Stand-In For Las Vegas

Showrunner Jason Tracey recently talked about using California as a stand-in for Las Vegas in a CSI: Vegas episode.

“There are some great roller coasters in Las Vegas, but we didn’t have to go all the way there for one shot,” Tracey said.

“They got it in one shot! Although I think the two of them were having enough fun, that they would have stayed there all night.”

He’s speaking of Petersen and Fox’s characters.

So, this all worked out. It left people talking about the couple.

A lot of buildup took place ahead of Gil and Sara getting together. Tracey wanted this despite fans wanting it to happen much sooner.

“It’s the most intimate you have ever seen them,” he said. “Hopefully, it will feel like a payoff for those who have been so invested in the Gil and Sara relationship.

“It’s been really interesting to have the two of them married on screen for the first time for an extended stretch,” Tracey said. “It’s a huge responsibility to take the relationship and put it all on screen. But you don’t want to go from 0 to 60. You have to have a slow build.”