‘CSI: Vegas’: Full Recap of Premiere Episode 1

by Leanne Stahulak

The “CSI” franchise returned this week with a new spin-off series set in Vegas, the first new offshoot since 2016. Original cast members Jorja Fox and William Petersen appeared on the new series, bringing in a taste of the familiar to mix in with the new.

Unlike the flagship series, “Vegas” promises to fulfil a season-long, 10-episode story arc rather than a case solved in every episode kind-of-deal. The show also wants to focus more on the characters and their personal lives, rather than all work all the time.

So, how did these new changes factor into the premiere episode? Let’s break it down.

According to TVLine, “CSI: Vegas” kicks off with attempted murder. Former Las Vegas Police Department Captain Jim Brass gets attacked by an unknown assailant, but he survives. He even manages to shoot the attacker a few times, but still doesn’t know who hired the hit.

Brass calls up his friend and former CSI agent Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), who drives from San Diego to Vegas to help with the investigation. She agrees to stay on until the case is solved, while also telling Brass that her husband, Gil Grissom, is busy boating. Sidle also mentioned that Catherine Willows is retired and spending time with her grandchild.

Sidle meets up with Vegas Crime Lab Chief Maxine Roby, and the two quickly hit it off. She also meets the rest of the team, including Level 2 CSI Allie, Level 3 CSI Josh, CSI Chris Park, and medical examiner Hugo.

The team starts following a lead on a kidnapper named Lucky, who appeared in an old case. But a series of clues soon turn their attention toward a recently paroled rapist. But this new criminal sets a trap for the CSI team that they quickly fall into.

What Happens at the End of the Premiere ‘CSI: Vegas’ Episode?

The person who hired the hit on Brass didn’t want to kill him. They wanted to lead the team on a wild goose chase that ends up at a mysterious storage unit. Inside the unit? Evidence that a veteran trace technician named David Hodges has been manipulating CSI evidence for years in order to close cases.

Sidle believes Hodges is being framed, but the discovery leads to a slew of legal consequences for the team. If he truly tampered with evidence, then potentially a thousand cases could be undermined in court. And if that happens, a bunch of killers will return to society.

And so the season-long story arc begins. How can the team prove Hodges’ innocence? What will happen if they fail to do so? At the end of the episode, Gil Grissom provides the answer in an epic one-liner: “Follow the evidence.”