‘CSI: Vegas’: Gil Grissom Actor William Petersen Says Getting Back To Work Is ‘Like Riding a Bicycle’

by Anna Dunn

CSI: Vegas actor William Peterson, who plays Gil Grissom, says that getting back to work on the show is “like riding a bicycle.” In a new clip posted by the series, he talks about all that and more.

“It’s like riding a bicycle, you know? [I’m] back to doing what I know how to do,” the actor said. CSI: Vegas is reviving the long-gone show, but things have changed a bit since we last left the characters.

For one, the tech has advanced. Secondly, there’s a whole new team of people William Peterson and Sara Sidle actress Jorja Fox get to work with.

“It’s exciting,” Peterson said, “The technology has advanced and it’s a different time. There’s different ways of solving crimes. The truth emerges and we just try to get to it as fast as possible.”

CSI: Vegas has Seen the Return of Major Characters from the Past. Not All of Them are Doing So Well

While there are plenty of newbies on CSI: Vegas, the show has also seen plenty of returning characters. William Fox and Jorja Peterson are front and center as the team races to solve critical cases. One case puts the whole crime lab in jeopardy.

Returning characters also include Jim Brass and David Hodges.

Brass has been hiding a severe eye condition that’s making him go blind called Fuchs’ dystrophy. Sara was livid when he told her. He hadn’t before and decided to face the condition alone vs asking for help.

One Old Friend May Not Be Who He Says

Hodges, meanwhile, is in hot water. When CSI: Vegas starts, the crime lab is at a tipping point when its revealed there’s been a bad actor working there for years. In the episode Honeymoon in Vegas, the investigation leads Gil and Sara to their old friend.

Sara is determined to prove David innocent while Gil wants to go where the evidence is pointing them: that David has been sabotaging the crime lab and tampering with evidence for years.

Of course, the new boss, Maxine, is not too pleased at how close Gil and Sara are to the case and worry that the fact that they’ve worked with Hodges will cloud their judgment. Hodges as the bad guy could be a massive shock, but there’s still plenty left of the season, and it seems improbable that the case would get closed this fast.

In an interview with Clayton News Daily, creator Anthony Zuiker teased that not only will this investigation season long, but fans should take it seriously that Hodges is a suspect.

“The character of David Hodges has been with our ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ franchise for most of the run, so his tenure is deep. He’s been there, I believe, probably 15 or 16 seasons so he definitely had the longitude and the tenure to be able to be implicated versus someone who was there for a cup of coffee,” he warned. “It’s a viable choice.”