‘CSI: Vegas’: Gil Grissom Gets Back in the Mix in Episode 2

by Lauren Boisvert

Gil Grissom is back, baby. On the new episode of CSI: Vegas, which aired Oct. 13, former trace evidence expert from the original CSI team David Hodges was revealed as a piece of the who’s-setting-up-the-crime-lab puzzle. Hodges was allegedly tampering with and manufacturing evidence in a storage unit. Sara Sidle was quick to assume a frame-up, but Grissom preferred the facts, thanks.

Hodges turns himself in to the police, but Sara and Grissom “can’t be within 1,000 miles” of the case, according to Maxine. They’re too close to the suspect, being former colleagues and all. Hodges reunites with his former CSI teammates, declaring the case against him is “a crock.”

Hodges claims someone is setting him up, and that things are missing from his house that might have been planted at the crime scene. Sara and Grissom check it out, looking around Hodges’ neighborhood for evidence. They find the neighbors’ guard dog dead, having been killed close to the time they found the storage unit. What could that mean for Hodges?

Maxine has to remind Grissom and Sara that they can’t touch the case with a ten-foot pole. But, she finds a clever workaround that brings Grissom on as an investigator. She says they’re investigating the case as animal cruelty and asks Grissom to join as an “entomological advisor.” Very clever, Maxine, very clever.

So, Gil Grissom is back in the game. He’s following the evidence, dispensing wisdom, and marveling at the new lab, as everyone seems to be doing on CSI: Vegas. And why not? It is a veritable “Taj Mahal” of crime-solving equipment, after all. Who wouldn’t be impressed?

Fans Weigh-In On ‘CSI: Vegas’

Speaking of being impressed, it seems like a lot of CSI fans are happy with the new show. There are some criticisms, sure, but you’re going to have that when a network revives a long-over franchise. But, fans on Twitter seem to be giving CSI: Vegas their endorsements.

“Just finished watching CSI: Vegas and wow! I loved it!” said one commenter. Another fan said, “Great premiere episode tonight you guys I will see you all next week.” Yet another fan had a few pointers for the new series, writing, “So far, it is good. Just slow pace and need little more speed up. And it not looking good for former CSI Agent. Keep up.”

So far, so good. It seems like fans are pretty happy with CSI: Vegas. It helps that Sara and Grissom are headlining as the old guard, returning to impart their knowledge on a new team. Seeing some familiar faces surely brought back nostalgic memories for original CSI fans. There seems to be something for everyone on the new series; Original characters for original fans, and new storylines for a new generation of CSI watchers.