‘CSI: Vegas’ Has Fans Sounding Off on That ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’ Scene

by Lauren Boisvert

If you’ve got the song “The Lady in Red” stuck in your head after this scene from CSI: Vegas, I’m right there with you. CSI‘s Instagram posted the clip yesterday and fans noticed that one character reminded them of another lady in red from the original series.

“Lady Heather vibes, that’s what i felt the first moment that i saw her,” said one commenter on the clip, referring to the woman who leads Josh Folsom and Allie Rajan through the sex mansion. “Definitely got Lady Heather vibes from this chick!!” another fan agreed. One fan simply commented “Lady Heather” with a heart emoji.

Yes, Lady Heather is back, at least spiritually, through this new guest character. In the original series, Lady Heather, otherwise known as Dr. Heather Kessler, was a professional dominatrix and owner of a fetish club. CSI introduced her in season 2, and she was a possible love interest for Grissom and rival to Sara.

Lady Heather’s Appearances on ‘CSI’

A take on the classic femme fatale character, Lady Heather was strong-willed, smart, and independent. William Petersen has said that Grissom was attracted to Lady Heather because they were “both anthropologists. He’s fascinated by her [scientific look at] the sexual psyche of human beings.”

There are insinuations that Lady Heather and Grissom were intimate, but that goes south when he eventually suspects her of a crime. She is hurt that he would accuse her; their personal relationship suffers as a result.

In Heather’s third appearance, in season 6, her daughter Zoe was murdered, and she takes matters into her own hands. She finds the murderer through shady means, then take him to the desert and whips him until Grissom finds her and makes her stop.

In her fourth appearance, in season 7, she is the victim of an attempted murder. She later reveals that she’s trying to get custody of her granddaughter. When a judge refuses her, she eventually finds a man who fantasizes about killing women and sells him the right to kill her. Grissom finds out, and is concerned about her mental state. Their relationship changes from something intimate to a deep friendship.

She becomes a licensed sex therapist in her fifth and sixth appearances. She also makes an appearance in the full-length finale.

‘CSI: Vegas’: No ‘CSI’ Without the Science

In the clip from “Honeymoon in Vegas,” CSI: Vegas’ second episode, Allie and Josh do some super sleuthing in the sex club’s communal van. They find fingerprints, collect hair, and use cool gadgets to do it all. But what would CSI: Vegas be without all that?

Executive Producer Anthony Zuiker said it would be absolutely nothing.

CSI as a franchise was built on science, and fans know that’s what the show is about. Sure, people come for the complex characters, relationships, and storylines; but many stay because the backbone of the show, the intense focus on the scientific elements of the investigations.

“The franchise was built around William Petersen and Gil Grissom and in these sort of science-challenged times where science is up for scrutiny in the public eye,” Zuiker told TV Insider. So, this was the perfect time for CSI: Vegas to come back and flex its science muscles.