‘CSI: Vegas’ Has Fans Wondering If Josh and Allie Will Ever Get Together

by Lauren Boisvert

‘CSI: Vegas” teased us all with a Folsom/Allie romance from the get-go. Now that the show is over and they’re not together, it feels a bit like a betrayal of trust. Or something.

Even Matt Lauria and Mandeep Dhillon have been speaking about the pairing, hinting that something may come of it in the future. We all thought that future would be the finale, that something big would happen between them. No dice. But, something did happen, it just wasn’t on kiss-in-the-rain levels.

In the previous episode, we finally got to meet Allie’s insufferable boyfriend Mark; he disapproved of her job, and tried to find her a new one, and Allie wasn’t having any of that. In the finale, she vented to Folsom about wanting to melt her house key. It seems she’s pretty much done with Mark, and all that’s left is to find a new apartment. But, after she tells Folsom this, she finds her key in the bottom of her purse, melted. Folsom was the only one who knew about that, so it’s very possible that he did it.

The questions remain: is Allie officially breaking up with Mark? Will sparks fly between her and Folsom in season 2? Why did she want to melt her house key when she could have just thrown it in the garbage?

‘CSI: Vegas’: Some Fans Don’t Like Allie and Folsom Together

After the official “CSI: Vegas” Twitter posted a clip of Allie and Folsom being cute, some fans hopped in the comments section and aired their grievances about the show’s secondary romance. Sara and Grissom being the primary, of course.

“I love them individually but as a couple… NAH!” wrote one “CSI: Vegas” fan. Another commented, “Zero Chemistry. Really boring watching them. Lets stop this forced whatever it is. They don’t even look good together. GSR is the only ship we want to see more of. Their marriage is where it is.”

A bit harsh, but to each their own. The actors seem excited about what’s coming for their characters, anyway; Matt Lauria spoke about Allie and Folsom’s dynamic, and what could be in store for them. “You’ll see this develop more,” he said. “Josh knows that she’s involved in a relationship, and he’s just not the sort to be a homewrecker. Josh has principles that wouldn’t allow him to do that. But he’s caught between a rock and a hard place because he also feels she’s a very, very important person to him.”

When Mandeep Dhillon was asked if Allie and Folsom thing about each other romantically, she replied with a resounding, “Absolutely!” You heard it here, folks. Whether or not they actually get together depends on the network, and if they decide to renew the show for season 2. Fingers crossed, though.