‘CSI: Vegas’ Highlights Fear of Clowns in Creepy New Image

by Keeli Parkey

In a photo shared as a promotion for an upcoming episode, “CSI: Vegas” highlighted a fear that many people have.

That is the fear of clowns. While that might seem like an irrational fear to some people, clowns are something that can really trigger a fearful response in others.

In the image shared by the show’s Twitter account on Sunday, Nov. 7, it appears that someone dressed up as a clown has been killed. Sent to the scene to investigate the supposed crimes are Allie Rajan (played by Mandeep Dhillon) and Josh Folsom (played by Matt Lauria).

As a reminder that clowns can be very scary, the “CSI: Vegas” tweet included the caption: “Coulrophobia (n.) Extreme or irrational fear of clowns.”

You can see if the photo shared by the show triggers any Coulrophobia in you below.

Unsurprisingly, some fans of “CSI: Vegas” were scared to see a clown pop up on their Twitter feed. “I don’t think there is anything extreme or irrational for having a fear of clowns … look at them!!” one fan said in response to the photo. “

Noooo! Not clowns,” another shared. “Worst nightmare. I hate clowns,” one viewer also commented.

Preview Clip of Upcoming ‘CSI: Vegas’ Episode Shows Off Even More Scary Clowns

If that photo isn’t enough to spook you, a preview clip from this upcoming episode of “CSI: Vegas” just might do so. In this clip, Allie Rajan and Josh Folsom arrive from the crime lab to a place that is probably best described as a real nightmare for someone who is really scared of clowns.

The place appears deserted. While looking around, Rajan noticed a very creepy t-shirt that is for sale. The reads, “Have a Funny Funhouse Day.” Oh, and it has a clown on it. “I wonder where everybody is?” a nervous Folsom then asks.

An officer with the Nevada state police eventually approaches the investigators. “Welcome to nowhere…Come on if you want to see something terrible,” the officer tells them.

What they find is the scene that is featured in the photo shared by the “CSI: Vegas” Twitter account. The scene also gives a much closer look at the clown that died. “You’re right (officer). This is pretty horrific,” Folsom also says as he begins taking a look at the body.

The officer tells the investigators that no witnessed have come forward. “The guy who works the front desk came back here to restock the vending machine and found her,” she also says.

You can check out this preview of “CSI: Vegas” below. This episode of the series will air on Wednesday, Nov. 10, on CBS at 10 p.m. (Eastern) and 9 p.m. (Central). It will be the sixth episode of the show’s first season. Also, it is appropriately titled, “Funhouse.”