‘CSI: Vegas’: Hodges Goes Missing in Upcoming Finale

by Lauren Boisvert

Things are going little nuts on “CSI: Vegas” now that we’re getting down to the wire. The finale airs next Wednesday, and things are not looking good for the team. Hodges is missing, after recording a suspicious confession video and cutting off his ankle monitor.

The entire team has to rally together to find him now; so far, it’s only been Sara, Grissom, and Maxine working on the Hodges case. Now we need Allie, Folsom, and Chris Park in on it, along with anyone else who will help.

Right now, there are two possibilities; one, Hodges is a fugitive. It’s possible he could have run away himself after recording a very real confession. He’s been dragging his feet in the investigation, not really doing any work, although I suppose it’s bad form to investigate your own case. But still, Sara and Grissom have done everything, and Hodges hasn’t really helped them along.

The other possibility is that he’s been abducted and forced to record the video. It does seem very scripted, after all. Based on the promo for the episode, that’s the more likely option. At one point in the promo, someone who looks an awful lot like Hodges throws their head back and yells in pain. It’s possible someone could be torturing him. Most likely the actual mastermind behind the entire plot against the crime lab.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Could We See More of Allie and Folsom’s Romance?

This is a bit of a stretch, as we’re coming up on the finale with no word of a renewal for season 2. But, all we can do is hope that something comes of Allie and Folsom’s tentative romance.

In this week’s episode, “Waiting in the Wings,” we met Allie’s boring boyfriend Mark. What she sees in him, we’ll never know. Maybe it’s a relationship of convenience, and she needed a place to live, and she just hasn’t had the courage to break it off. Or maybe she really did love him at one point, and then she met Folsom. All speculation, of course.

But, Mark does get disturbed by Allie’s crime scene photos and tries to find her another job. Allie didn’t take to that idea too well and got understandably angry with him. She also got angry with Folsom, as he didn’t actually help when she asked for advice. Uncharacteristic of him not to say everything on his mind, but maybe he was feeling awkward about the whole thing.

Finally, Hugo voiced what we’d all been thinking; she needs to break up with him, tout suite. There’s obviously nothing for her with Mark, but with Folsom, she has someone who gets her, gets her job, and respects it. That’s what Allie needs in her life.