‘CSI: Vegas’: How Show’s New Threat Could Impact Sara and Grissom

by Lauren Boisvert

Wednesday’s episode of “CSI: Vegas”, titled “Funhouse,” was anything but fun. Copycat killers running around dressing victims up as clowns; serial killer Jeremiah Dalt controlling people from behind bars; and a new threat that could lead to a whole bunch of criminals getting out of jail.

The lab was shut down in the recent episode because it looked like everything led back to someone on the inside. First, Chris Park was a suspect; chemicals found at Martin Kline’s murder scene and a bunch of grenades were traced back to Park. But, it turns out the chemicals were stolen from Park, and the path led to lawyer Anson Wix; he’s slated to make a ton of money if Hodges is convicted.

That throws a bit of a wrench in Sara and Grissom’s investigation. An even bigger wrench is that, if they don’t find who framed Hodges soon, a lot of criminals and killers could go free. Hodges handled the evidence in their cases, and that could work in their favor.

Anson Wix is now suspect number one in the case, and it may turn out that whoever framed Hodges wasn’t part of the crime lab after all. Talk about your twists and turns. But, did Wix truly frame Hodges, or just jump on the bandwagon after the fact in order to make some money?

Jorja Fox told TV Insider that Sara and Grissom are facing this new threat head-on. But, there’s only so much they can do; technically, they’re working on the down-low. “It’s really hard to take down powerful people and people that are in a position of law enforcement and authority,” said Fox. “So that then becomes the real challenge and they have to do it without anybody finding out about it.”

‘CSI: Vegas’: Jorja Fox Talks Sara and Grissom’s Relationship in New Series

In an interview with TV Insider, Jorja Fox spoke about how Sara and Grissom’s relationship has changed since the original series. The two are in the midst of a dangerous investigation, and that means the stakes are high. Fox spoke about Sara and Grissom’s friendship being portrayed on screen.

“So much of what happened over those 15 years played offscreen, and it was risky, too,” she said. “We were like, ‘Oh gosh, are the fans even actually really going to want to see this?'” Apparently, there was a time where fans weren’t sure if they wanted Sara and Grissom together.

“You had people who were very much against it, very much for it,” said Fox. “That’s always a good thing if your audience is passionate one way or the other. It’s always great when they are for you. But even if they’re against you passionately, it means that they’re invested in the story, so it’s always a good sign.”