‘CSI: Vegas’: Is Captain Jim Brass Blindness Storyline Caused by a Real-Life Condition?

by Lauren Boisvert

Jim Brass is back on CSI: Vegas, but there’s something not quite right. Turns out, he’s been hiding a serious eye condition that’s rendering him blind.

But is the condition a result of a real-life health issue Paul Guilfoyle is having?

The short answer is no, it doesn’t seem like Paul Guilfoyle has any vision problems that would cause near-blindness. Jim Brass is suffering from Fuchs’ dystrophy; according to the Mayo Clinic, Fuchs’ occurs when fluid gathers in the cornea, causing it to swell. This causes blurry and cloudy vision, glare, and can gradually worsen eyesight over time. So, if Brass is going blind on CSI: Vegas, it’s possible he’s been suffering from Fuchs’ for some time.

Fortunately, Fuchs’ isn’t life-threatening, so Brass won’t die from it. Those death threats and attempts on his life, though, that’s another story.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Former Investigator Implicated in Major Crime

On the most recent episode of CSI: Veags, “Honeymoon in Vegas,” former expert trace evidence investigator for the CSI David Hodges is the prime suspect in the team’s current case. They’re trying to find out who’s been attempting to bring the crime lab down, and it looks like Hodges has been fabricating and tampering with evidence. It looks that way, anyhow.

Hodges claimed to Grissom and Sara that the case against him is “a crock.” Sara is determined to prove her former teammate’s innocence, convinced someone set him up; but Grissom is content to follow the evidence, not convinced of anything yet. If Hodges is guilty, then he’s guilty. Things are usually black and white for Grissom; he goes where the science takes him.

Meanwhile, Maxine tells Sara and Grissom that they’re too close to the investigation. Being former teammates with Hodges, they can’t get near the case. Conflict of interest, and all that. But Maxine finds a way to bring Grissom on as an entomological expert, and unleashes him on the case.

Hodges has a new family that Sara and Grissom didn’t know about. He only recently got married, so why would he do anything to jeopardize that? For the sake of, what? Tearing the crime lab to the ground?

Hodges was frequently used as comic relief on the original CSI, so why turn him into a villain now? According to executive producer Anthony Zuiker, it adds tension.

“The character of David Hodges has been with our ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ franchise for most of the run, so his tenure is deep. He’s been there, I believe, probably 15 or 16 seasons,” Zuiker has said. “So he definitely had the longitude and the tenure to be able to be implicated versus someone who was there for a cup of coffee. It’s a viable choice. And I think the audience who are the loyalists to ‘CSI’ will understand that they should be taking that particular character seriously based on these allegations.”