‘CSI: Vegas’: Josh Actor Matt Lauria Says the Crime Lab Team Is ‘Like My Family’

by Anna Dunn

CSI: Vegas actor Matt Lauria says the crime lab team is like his character’s family. Matt Lauria plays Joshua Folsom on the hit series. He has recently been enlisted by Maxine Roby for help following her demotion and suspension from the crime lab.

The character is having a rough time this season, and his friends have even been suspects in major investigations. In a recent TV Insider interview, Matt Lauria talked about Folsom’s feelings about the team, and how that impacts the decisions he’s made thus far.

“But I do know that this crime lab and the people who run it and populate it. They’re like my family, especially the inner circle. Chris is like that younger brother, that younger cousin that you’re guiding and he’s a really sharp guy. He’s easy to be impressed with and a great dude,” Lauria said. Chris is the friend who was a suspect for a brief moment. It’s something that Folsom did not take lightly.

Lauria Says his ‘CSI: Vegas’ Character Feels like His Family is ‘Under Attack’

“And especially Max and Allie, they’re like family, they’re the two most important women in my life as Josh and they both serve very meaningful roles in my life,” he says. “So this is effectively my house and my family that’s come under attack. And so it could not mean more to me to defend it from any level of attack and scruple.”

The newly rebooted CSI takes a look at a massive controversy within the crime lab when it’s revealed someone on the inside has been tampering with evidence for decades. On top of new actors, Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle actors William Peterson and Jorja Fox have also come back. The two characters have been living in a couple’s paradise since we last saw them, but now they’ve been thrust back into the brutal world of CSI.

In a show where anyone could become the next suspect and there are only so many people you can trust, Matt Lauria and the rest of the actors on board have worked hard to portray the nuanced emotions these characters feel when their own home is under siege.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next with Max getting the boot and Josh helping her under the table.

CSI: Vegas airs on Wednesdays at 10/9 central on CBS and is quickly approaching the end of Season 1.