‘CSI: Vegas’ Leaves One Character’s Fate Unclear

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Vegas” aired its season finale on Wednesday, and everything came to a wild conclusion. It all ended with a spooky scene setting up a serial killer in Las Vegas. The team found Hodges in time to save him, and Anson Wix is going to spend a long time behind bars. But there’s one loose end that didn’t tie up in a nice little bow.

“CSI: Vegas” left Anson Wix’s sister Anna out of the final picture, and fans are wondering what her fate will be. The team first met her in “In the Blood,” episode 7. That episode featured a horse covered in blood, a halfway house for teenage murderers, and a strange encounter with Anna herself.

Anna tells Grissom that evidence and facts don’t matter. Whoever has the better story is going to win the case against Hodges. She admits that her brother hates the entire CSI organization. Anna believes that their forensics robbed him of a glorious law career. She also admits that she was the one who told her brother about Hodges. She said he was “the easiest to picture faking evidence” and therefore the easiest to set up.

Essentially, she could become an accessory to her brother’s crimes. According to Looper and Nevada State Legislature, a principal actor in another’s crime is anyone who “directly or indirectly, counsels, encourages, hires, commands, induces or otherwise procures another to commit a felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor.” She definitely did that, when she told Anson about Hodges. She was more or less the catalyst, but that hasn’t been addressed much on “CSI: Vegas.”

Will she be a big player in season 2? Or do fans have to just pretend that she went to jail, too? Do we just assume her fate? Only “CSI: Vegas” can tell.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Serial Killer, Strange Symbols, and Season 2?

In conversation with CinemaBlend about a possible season 2, “CSI: Vegas” showrunner Jason Tracey spoke about the creepy final scene of the finale.

The scene pans around a white-painted room, where a black-gloved hand writes weird symbols and words on every surface. A news broadcast plays in the background, asking, “Is there a serial killer active in Las Vegas?”

Tracey spoke about the language the suspect is using, describing it as “his own made-up language that’s based on the Voynich [manuscript], those crazy, medieval texts […] I’ll just say ‘there is a world of possibilities,’ but you might be looking at a brand-new madman there.”

Right now, there’s no news as to whether or not “CSI: Vegas” will be renewed for a second season. It seems like Tracey and the writers have a ton of ideas, and they set the finale up to trail into season 2. But, remember, “CSI: Vegas” was originally supposed to be a limited series. Hopefully, the overwhelmingly positive responses from fans will convince the network to order another season.