‘CSI: Vegas’ Left Fans Guessing Who a Mysterious Serial Killer Could Be

by Jonathan Howard

There are a lot of fans of CSI: Vegas that are hoping to get some closure about the gloved hands they saw at the end of season 1.

Back when the original CSI was on TV, there was an elusive serial killer named Sqweegel after the sound a little girl heard when the murderer killed her mother at a car wash. There is not much known about the killer. However, depending on where season 2 goes, there could be all kinds of twists and turns.

Before fans get too focused on Sqweegel, the gloved hands are not proven to be anyone. The Hodges case was something fans were looking forward to for a while. With the season finale, we got to see the conclusion of that. Hodges was exonerated by Sara and Gil, and fans seemed very pleased with the ending. Now, they are looking forward to a new season before plans have really been set to make a new season.

Showrunner Jason Tracey talked with TVLine about the Sqweegel issue. By the sound of it, there could be something in the works, but it will be up to the writing team. If there is a season 2, those gloves from the end of season 1 could belong to anyone. Perhaps an old face, and just as likely, a brand new menace to CSI: Vegas.

“Actually… that may not be Sqweegel,” Tracey explained, hesitantly. “That may just be black gloves. I’ll just leave it at that.” Later, he went on further. “Everything is open to interpretation until it’s not.” However, he does plan to “open [season 2] up for a new room of writers.” So, we could be getting an all-new look at the situation from new writers.

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Another topic that Tracey talked about was what a season 2 of CSI: Vegas could look like. Nothing is promised, but fans would be very disappointed to only get one season of the reboot/new series. CSI is one of those shows folks think about when they think about modern crime procedurals. Those gloved hands were scribbling some kind of strange message all around. So, what is that all about?

“If you look at what he’s writing,” the showrunner explained. “It’s actually his own made-up language that’s based on the Boynich [manuscript], those crazy, medieval texts… I’ll just say ‘there is a world of possibilities,’ but you might be looking at a brand-new madman there.”

So, we know that there will be a new team of writers. We also know that the mysterious serial killer isn’t necessarily a familiar name. A brand new villain could be something that makes a potential season 2 so interesting. Tracey seems to think that CSI: Vegas has more stories to tell. While there hasn’t been official word one way or another, the showrunner sounds like he has everything planned out for a new season.