‘CSI: Vegas’: Major Star Not Returning in Season 2

by Megan Molseed

CBS recently announced that it would be bringing back one of its brand-new favorite shows, CSI: Vegas, for a second season run in 2022. Only this time, the series will be returning without one of the show’s biggest stars—William Petersen’s Gil Grissom.

CSI: Vegas premiered on CBS last October to excited audiences. One of the aspects this series offered that seemed to really draw audiences into the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin-off was the fact this new series featured a mix of new and original cast members.

While news that the series will be progressing into a second season in 2022 is exciting, it comes with information that the series is set to proceed without William Petersen continuing his role as the longtime CSI investigator, Gil Grissom.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, William Petersen agreed to return to the CSI franchise, reprising his role as Gil Grissom for the new show’s limited ten-episode premiere season, which officially came to an end with its final episode, Signed, Sealed, Delivered on December 8.

Petersen Will Not Be Leaving ‘CSI: Vegas’ Entirely

Now that this CSI premiere season is over, Petersen will not be returning to his onscreen role. However, sources note, he will remain with the series as an executive producer.

Petersen’s Gil Grissom returned to the CSI franchise to reprise his role in Vegas along with Jorja Fox. She portrays Sara Sidle in both Vegas and the original CSI series. There is no word yet as to whether or not Fox plans on returning to CSI: Vegas for a second season.

CSI: Vegas premiered this fall, finding viewership almost immediately. CSI: Vegas’s ratings numbers grew as the season progressed. By the time the series was wrapping up season one, Vegas had increased its viewership by 84. Increasing viewer numbers from 3.71 million to 6.81 million in just a few short months.

The CSI: Crime Scene Investigation spin-off series brought fans back to the original Sin City laboratories. Only this time, there was a brand new team at the helm.

But, longtime CSI fans soon learned that the series would be bringing back some original favorites. New team leader, Paula Newsome’s Maxine Roby enlists Petersen’s Gil Grissom and Fox’s Sara Sidle to help solve a massive case that threatens to take down the entire CSI from the inside.

Also joining the CSI: Vegas team this season was Matt Lauria’s Joshua Folsom. Mandeep Dhillon’s Allie Rajan, and Mel Rodriguez’s Hugo Ramirez also joined, among others.

CSI: Vegas Season one is now available to stream on Paramount+.