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‘CSI: Vegas’: Matt Lauria Says Fans Will See Josh and Allie Storyline ‘Develop More’

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Ron Jaffe/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

One of the most memorable romances to come from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is that of William Petersen’s Gil Grissom and Jorja Fox’s Sara Sidle. This couple may certainly be a favorite within the franchise. However, there is a blooming romance on CSI: Vegas that may be giving the two a run for their money.

Since CSI: Vegas premiered this fall, two characters, Josh and Allie who are portrayed by Matt Lauria and Mandeep Dhillon respectively, seemed to be on their way to becoming the latest CSI love connections.

However, the leap has yet to be taken by the characters. And, the two often find themselves playing games with each other’s feelings and emotions.

But, Matt Lauria notes, this all is part of the evolving plot. And, the star notes, fans will soon begin to see the characters develop a closer relationship.

“You’ll see this develop more,” Matt Lauria tells TV Insider during a recent interview.

“Allie and Josh are very close as friends,” the CSI: Vegas star adds.

“They’re great work companions,” he explains. “But they kind of do rib each other a little bit or bust each other’s chops a little bit in a playful way.”

‘CSI: Vegas’ Stars Face Some Challenges In Budding Romance

The CSI: Vegas star notes that fans can expect the relationship to evolve between Josh and Allie. However, there are a few major plotlines that need to wrap up before this happens.

“Josh knows that she’s involved in a relationship, and he’s just not the sort to be a homewrecker,” Matt Lauria explains.

“Josh has principles that wouldn’t allow him to do that,” the star adds. “But he’s caught between a rock and a hard place because he also feels she’s a very, very important person to him.”

Lauria goes on to note that a big part of the romance is how close the two are. And, how perfect the two are for each other.

“She’s very important to him and he wants what’s best for her,” Lauria explains.

As far as a lady being able to just blow him away, she checks all the boxes,” the CSI: Vegas actor adds.

“I don’t think Josh could be more impressed with, inspired by, adoring of anyone,” Lauria continues. “They’re just really, really great friends.”

Plus, the actor notes, a lot is going on within the CSI offices. And Josh and Allie may not have a whole lot of time to focus on their love life. Especially while the investigations are taking much of the investigator’s attention.

“We’re under a lot of pressure at work. We’re under attack,” Lauria explains.

“The thing that’s very near and dear to our hearts, he adds.

“And that we’ve invested all of our time and energy and love into is in a very dangerous position, ” says Lauria. “And I think that makes you start to examine what really matters to you and how much it matters to you.”