‘CSI: Vegas’: Paula Newsome Says Some Real Life Crime Labs Don’t Have the Tools They Do

by Lauren Boisvert

Anyone who’s been watching CSI: Vegas knows that the new crime lab is state-of-the-art, with all the bells and whistles needed to solve crimes in the modern age. But, according to Paula Newsome, who plays boss Maxine Roby, not all CSI crime labs are like that in reality.

Newsome spoke to Parade recently about the newest episode of CSI: Vegas, “Under the Skin,” which aired Oct. 20. The new episode featured a jealous game developer who stabbed his female colleague to death using swords modeled after weapons from their video game. When the CSIs finally caught the guy, he ranted about how women are ruining the gaming industry.

Paula Newsome mentioned some of the cool new technology in the crime lab. She highlighted how the CSIs took a “burnt polaroid and found out what the picture that was taken was.” She continued, saying, “That’s real. That’s not Hollywood. That’s real.”

When asked what it’s like to come across technology they’ve never seen before, Newsome said, “It is so much fun.”

She continued, stating, “Our technical advisor […] his name is Daniel Holstein, he is amazing.” Holstein is the one who fact-checks all of the technology in the crime lab, as he was a Las Vegas crime scene analyst himself. “He says that a lot of the stuff that we have in our lab as we walk around is stuff that they would die for,” said Newsome. “It is exciting. It is amazing that people can solve crimes.”

‘CSI: Vegas’: Jorja Fox and William Petersen Showed Paula Newsome “the Ropes”

In the same interview with Parade, Paula Newsome spoke about Jorja Fox and William Petersen’s work ethic, and how they helped her through joining the new team. Newsome isn’t new to acting by far, with roles on How to Get Away with Murder, NCIS, and ER. But it was her first step into the world of CSI, and her co-stars wanted to make sure she got the hang of things easily.

“I remember one time Billy and I were doing this scene together […] and he invited me to sit down next to him and perform some science,” said Newsome. “During that scene, he was like, ‘Don’t do it like that. Do it this way. We don’t do it that way.’ That was fun.”

Newsome also spoke about Jorja Fox, mentioning a moment where she impressed Fox. “I love doing the science. It is very easy for me. She [Jorja Fox] saw me talking and doing the science at the same time,” said Newsome. “It was just cutting off the swabs and putting in the solutions, and it is just very hypnotic to me. It is very easy to do that stuff and act at the same time.”

Newsome went on to explain, “At the top of the scene, Jorja was like, ‘You may not want to do that.’ I was, ‘I think I got it.’ So, at the end of the scene, she was like, ‘I still can’t do that.'”