‘CSI: Vegas’: Paula Newsome Reveals How William Petersen and Jorja Fox Taught Her the Ropes

by Courtney Blackann

Fans of the original “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” show love that William Petersen and Jorja Fox aka Grissom and Sarah came back to help defend the CSI lab. The reprise of the characters that were so popular and loved are now showing new cast members the ways of crime-solving by following the evidence.

This includes actress Paula Newsome aka Maxine Roby, head of the CSI lab these days. While Newsome is not a rookie to the small screen – she’s appeared in everything from “Ally McBeal,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” “ER,” and “NCIS.” However, this is her first run with any projects involving “CSI.”

In a recent interview, the actress discussed the newest episode, how she liked working on set and several other details about filming “CSI: Las Vegas.” Additionally, Newsome mentioned that both Petersen and Fox helped show her the ropes.

“I remember one time Billy and I were doing this scene together where we were talking about the politics [of the Hodges case], and he invited me to sit down next to him and perform some science. During that scene, he was like, “Don’t do it like that. Do it this way. We don’t do it that way.” That was fun,” Newsome said, via Parade.

The actress went on to describe how the science themes actually came really easily to her. She had no difficulty acting while performing small tasks you’d do in a real science lab.

“And Jorja, I love doing the science. It is very easy for me. She saw me talking and doing the science at the same time. It was just cutting off the swabs and putting in the solutions, and it is just very hypnotic to me. It is very easy to do that stuff and act at the same time,” Newsome said. “At the top of the scene, Jorja was like, “You may not want to do that.” I was, “I think I got it.” So, at the end of the scene, she was like, “I still can’t do that.'”

“CSI: Vegas” Fans Love New Show

The spinoff “CSI: Vegas” premiered on October 6. And since that time super fans of the show have shared their praise for the cast and plot. This season hits close to home when David Hodges is under fire for allegedly tampering with evidence, Sarah, Grissom and Maxine team up to defend the crime lab.

“Who David is, is important to Sara, not as much to Gil,” Newsome says. “But it is very important to figure it out. Sara said in episode two that nobody is going to figure it out the way they are going to figure it out. Nobody is going to follow the evidence. Nobody has the expertise to follow the evidence like those three: Gil, Sara and Max do. So, that’s why Max wants the case to stay in Las Vegas.”