‘CSI: Vegas’ Previews an Action-Packed Season Finale

by Jonathan Howard

Tomorrow night will be a big night for CSI: Vegas as the team figures out what to do following the David Hodges “confession” tape.

The season finale is coming to CBS this Wednesday at 10 PM EST. When it comes to the Hodges case, it has looked like a setup for a long time. However, the latest confession tape has everyone wondering what has happened. And where the man himself has gone.

This new teaser video that CSI: Vegas shared on Twitter will get your blood pumping. The season finale is going to be a big one, it seems. If this case comes to a conclusion, where does that leave Hodges? Guilty, innocent, or somewhere in between morally? Check out the video below.

One thing is clear from the replies to the video; fans want another season. This is just season one, and viewers are hoping that there will be more of their favorite characters further down the line. While most shows are going through their midseason finales, this will be the end of the road for CSI.

It really would be quite a shame for fans to get to know these characters just enough to be invested and not end up getting a follow-up season. Perhaps there is more on the way for CSI: Vegas.

Fans React to ‘CSI: Vegas’ Season Finale Teaser Video

Viewers are steadfast in their support for the new season. It is somewhere between a reboot and a new series, and it has gone over well so far. There has been a battle and a bit of a struggle in the ratings. However, the show has held its own and even shined on certain nights.

One fan, Charlotte, said, “I’m not ready [for the finale], because I can’t handle the fact that this could very well be the end. Please give us a season 2. And please give us more Sara and Gil.”

The storyline of Sara and Gil has fans dying for more. The relationship is strange, but viewers love it. The wait for the finale has folks considering every possibility. They’re hoping to see a big twist in the episode. And based on the video, it should be full of twists.

“This has been a great season,” a fan named Paula said. “So great to see CSI back. I do however hope there is a huge twist. I want it to be The Miniature Killer, the one who made little crime scenes in boxes or something. Like properly put a curveball in there as we have no evidence of her at all.”

Whatever happens in this finale, fans are just going to want more. CSI: Vegas is hoping to end with a bang. Season 2 is only possible if they can pull off a great end to the solid season so far.