‘CSI: Vegas’ Producer Discusses Revealing Characters’ Personal Lives

by Megan Molseed

When CSI returned to CBS in the new series, CSI: Vegas, fans welcomed a few familiar faces along with the new ones in the series. However, there is one brand-new aspect that showrunners were excited to share as CSI: Vegas begins its very first season. A component that fans didn’t see much of in the original CSI before it finished in 2015. The change? More time spent with characters’ personal lives, outside of the lab.

CSI: Vegas picks up where the CSI offices would be after the original series went off the air six years ago. This, of course, makes a major connection between the series revival and its original. However, notes CSI: Vegas showrunner Anthony Zuiker, while the similarities in each series are certainly there, it was important to the producers that a few of the dynamics be changed.

“We decided to evolve the franchise into different areas that were new,” said Zuiker to ET of the new format that introduces fans of the hit CBS series to a more in-depth look at the personal lives of the CSI: Vegas characters.

‘CSI: Vegas’ Adds Long-Running Storylines As Well As In Depth Character Storylines

According to Zuiker, the original format on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was quite a bit different. The storylines tended to stay within each episode. So, the need to explore the characters outside of their roles in the CSI labs wasn’t very necessary to the series as a whole.

We never brought characters home,” the CSI: Vegas showrunner explains. “We never really delved too deep into their personal lives.”

Zuiker also notes that one reason for this change is the fact that even the major storyline is approached differently in this series reboot.

“We never really had long runners like with the Lab being under scrutiny,” Zuiker says of the core plot that has gripped the CSI: Vegas laboratories this first season. “That really wasn’t our show.”

Of course, this new personal format will take CSI fans deeper into the relationship between CSI alums Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). It will also get to know many of the CSI: Vegas new characters. Including what their lives look like outside of the labs at which they spend so much of their time. From longtime marriages to budding relationships, to raising children, the CSI: Vegas team deals with it all.

“You will see a deeper dive into the puppy love relationship between Folsom and Allie,” Zuiker explains. “You’ll see some of the quibbles of Grissom and Sara with their long marriage. You’ll see those kinds of things.”

According to Zuiker, even the CSI: Vegas current director has a personal storyline in the new series.

“You’ll see the personal life of Paula Newsome’s character, Maxine, with her son,” Zuiker notes.

“That’ll be opened up far earlier in the season than we’ve ever had before,” the showrunner adds. “It’s refreshing and it’s something new for us.”