‘CSI: Vegas’ Producer Views ‘One Chicago’ as a Blueprint

by Chase Thomas

On October 6, 2021, a new era for CSI fans kicked off on CBS. Yes, CSI: Vegas arrived and fans have loved every second of it thus far as ratings for the new spinoff have remained strong.

Fans of the original series went five years without a new adventure with the CSI cast, but the show is back where it all began. This is an exciting development for fans.

Everybody needs a plan, or everybody needs somebody to look towards. The creator of the new program, Anthony Zuiker did not name names when thinking about who he is looking towards for inspiration in this Marvel-like television world. This means bringing folks in from previous iterations like CSI: Cyber, New York, Miami, etc. The shared universe is how things work in Marvel, with different characters popping up in different films. Sometimes they come together and sometimes they get their own movie.

CSI can follow a similar road.

From CinemaBlend:

“No, I definitely can’t mention names. But if I had to choose, it would be somebody from the original CSI cast to come back. That would be something I would definitely lobby for. And like I said, CSI’s family, so all four of those shows are wide open for possibilities. You’ve seen Chicago Fire, Chicago Med. You’ve seen all that work. They’ve done a great job at NBC packaging those shows and keeping those shows on the air. There’s no reason why we couldn’t do the same thing.”

What does this mean for CSI Vegas?

This is an interesting idea. Fans love characters from the CSI family, and the cool thing about this shared universe is that you never know who might pop in week-to-week. They can experiment with old tropes and new tropes. With the name CSI in front of it, similar to One Chicago having the city name in it, the brand is already built. Fans are familiar with previous iterations. They are both excited about this new version and also interested in seeing someone else return to the program. There are so many different characters, both good and bad, to look at. You have options.

One Chicago has a similar option with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. The shared universe is another tool for showrunners to get more creative week-to-week. One week, you can bring a fan favorite back and the next you can bring an entirely forgotten character.

When can you watch the show? You can watch it on CBS on Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM EST. The show has not been renewed, as of yet, for Season 2, but that figures to change soon.