‘CSI: Vegas’ Releases New Episode Teaser Hinting at ‘Everyone’ Being a ‘Suspect’

by Anna Dunn

CSI: Vegas just released a new teaser for the next episode that hints that everyone is a suspect. The show, which returned years after the end of CSI, follows Gil and Sara reuniting with the new crime lab team. They’re tasked with uncovering the truth behind a scandal involving an old CSI employee forging evidence. But the team is also examining other cases while this unfolds.

In the teaser for the new episode, a couple new members of the team investigate a death at a Luau in a case that’s unrelated to the scandal.

“Everyone here is ohana, and also a suspect. Don’t be late to the luau. Tomorrow at 10/9c,” a new tweet from the series says. The preview shows the team members questioning what might be their first suspect, who doesn’t have an alibi.

A Different ‘CSI: Vegas’ Sneak Peak Shows Sara and Gil at Odds

In a different sneak peak for the series, Sara urges Gil to keep faith. Hodges emerged as a main suspect for the bad actor undermining the crime lab, but Sara believes Hodges was framed for this. In the preview, Grissom admits he’s unsure about whether or not the two should be back.

They were really enjoying their lives together, living it up out at sea on their boat. Now, being back on land is making Gil a bit land-sick. In fact, he’s genuinely suffering from it. He’s suffering from mal de debarquement. It’s a feeling of uneasiness when standing still, often caused by a lot of time at sea.

Gil’s Sickness Is a Metaphor

Showrunner Anthony Zuiker pointed out in an interview with TV Insider that his condition is a metaphor for the conflict in their relationship.

“The land sickness is a metaphor for the relationship between Gil and Sara. One character wants to be on the water where he’s comfortable, and one person is getting her feet back on the land, which is Sara,” Zuiker told the publication. “So the sudden land sickness for Grissom is more metaphorical, which is where do I truly belong — back in my comfortable place on the sea where I have a compass of what tomorrow is or do I belong back on land where we’ve built this monument of truth? The sickness does come and go as his opinions of where he belongs comes and goes.

The sickness is perfect for the writers, as it can come and go. In some episodes, they don’t have to touch on it, in other episodes, its really rough.

“There are times [Gil’s] keeping it from [Sara], there are times they have to address it,” he said. “There are times it comes and goes.”

If you want to catch the next episode, tune in to CBS Tomorrow, October 27th, at 9/8 Central.