‘CSI: Vegas’ Showrunner Discusses Mixing New and Old Elements in Revival

by Lauren Boisvert

When it comes to the CSI: Vegas revival, fans are getting a little bit of everything; new technology, new characters, new cases. But, on the flip side, there’s old faces from the original series, and continuations of their stories. There’s something for everyone, new and old.

So, how did the writers manage to blend those elements into the current CSI iteration? Executive producer Anthony Zuiker spoke with TV Insider to discuss how they’re doing it.

Zuiker explains that even though Sara and Grissom are involved in the current cases, “the lion’s share of what they’re going to be doing in the season is really going to be on this longer runner.” Meaning, they’re mostly going to be working on the Hodges case. “There’s not enough runway to involve them too much into the intimacy of the crimes of the week,” Zuiker continued, “because we’re also trying to launch a brand new cast.”

So, the show is mixing old and new characters and elements, but it also has to do right by its new team of CSIs. Grissom and Sara are important, but Allie, Folsom, Hugo, and Maxine are the new backbone of the team. They need their time to shine.

‘CSI: Vegas’: Paula Newsome talks Maxine and Sara

Paula Newsome also spoke with TV Insider about her CSI: Vegas character Maxine Roby, and how she fits in with the old guard characters Grissom and Sara.

“I met Jorja a little bit before we shot,” Newsome explained. “We just took a walk around the Valley, just got to know one another, and I will tell you, it was the easiest thing in the world, the chemistry and the connection that Sara and Max have, Paula and Jorja have.”

So, the old and the new are meshing extremely well. It’s almost like they were meant to be on the same team. “It’s art imitating life,” Newsome went on. “They can shorthand with one another. It’s like having a friend who loves the same thing as you do, you finish one another’s sentences.”

Sara and Grissom seem to have taken to the new technology extremely well, settling right into the crime lab. The elements of the old CSI are still there in the new CSI: Vegas, stepping right into the lab and into their old roles.

Grissom Isn’t Sure Where He Belongs

In episode 3 of CSI: Vegas, we learned that Grissom has mal de debarquement syndrome. It’s causing him to feel like he’s swaying or bobbing while standing still, and could have been caused by so many years on the boat.

But, according to executive producer Anthony Zuiker, it’s really a metaphor for Grissom and Sara’s relationship. Specifically, their differences in how they’re adjusting to life on land. Sara has taken to it, but Grissom isn’t quite sure where he belongs yet. He still feels like he wants to be back on the boat.