‘CSI: Vegas’ Showrunner Says Maxine Roby Is the ‘Right Person To Lead’ the Lab

by Anna Dunn

The CSI: Vegas showrunner recently discussed why Maxine Roby is definitely the right person to lead the crime lab. CSI: Vegas had a short season this year on CBS. But it was full of plenty of action and introduced fans to Maxine and plenty of new characters. It also gave us plenty of time with old CSI characters Gil and Sara.

But it’s Maxine who showrunner Jason Tracey believes is the rightful leader of the crime lab. And now that it’s official that we’re getting a second season, he talked to TV Insider about what’s next for the series.

The season saw Maxine get suspended due to her helping out on a case that involved corruption within the lab. Roby is played by Paula Newsome. She brought a ton to the role and really helped Tracey flesh out who she was going to be. And who she is is someone who deserves to be the boss. So it’s satisfying when she gets to come back into that role.

“I think it’s a sweet moment when she comes back and asks for the undersheriff to get out of her chair,” he told TV Line. “That’s where we want to see her because Paula is fantastic. And Max just feels like the right person to lead a new chapter of the lab.”

One Huge Star Won’t Return For ‘CSI: Vegas’ Season 2

While fans loved seeing Gil and Sara together again, William Peterson, who plays Gil, won’t return for season two. It’s a definite blow to the series, but hopefully it’ll be able to survive. It’s unclear whether or not Sara actress Jorja Fox will return yet. But that’s definitely a question considering if she would, she’d be doing so without Gil.

And even before the announcement, Tracey revealed that Peterson and Fox were really only called back to help tell the season one story and said that there was “no expectation” on them to come back. But they’d always be welcome.

“The door will always be open to a couple of legends. But we only asked them to come back to help us tell this finite number of episodes. It’ll be up to them and the studio/network to kind of figure it out,” he said regarding their season two presence.

The two actors were initially hesitant to come back at all. Gil and Sara were given a very happy ending, and they didn’t want to jeopardize that. Thankfully, the two finished out season one with their relationship very much intact, with the season finale seeing the two share a kiss.

There’s no word yet on when exactly season 2 of CSI: Vegas will make a return, but fans may have to wait until CBS’s Fall 2022 programming.