‘CSI: Vegas’ Showrunner Says Gil and Sara Will Face ‘Constant Obstacles’

by Megan Molseed

Longtime fans of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation were expecting a lot of the series reboot, CSI: Vegas. And, even just a few episodes into the series revival, the brand new CBS series does not disappoint.

With a perfect mix of new characters and storylines combined with some of our original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation players, the new series has been an amazing addition to the CBS lineup.

Two of the returning characters revisiting the CSI offices in CSI: Vegas is one of our favorite couples, Gil Grissom (William Peterson) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox).

These two original series members were brought in to help the current CSI: Vegas director Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome) and her team solve a mystery that could have explosive consequences if it isn’t solved. Ultimately exonerating criminals of crimes that reach back to cases that are decades old.

However, notes CSI: Vegas executive producer Anthony Zuiker, Grissom, and Sidle’s new roles in the CSI labs will not come without obstacles.

Sidle and Grissom Face Challenges Returning To ‘CSI: Vegas’ Labs

While Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom are most certainly CSI experts, the new director of the CSI: Vegas laboratories, Maxine Roby, faces a few challenges bringing the detectives in to help with their case.

Roby has to bend some longstanding rules to make many aspects of the investigation available to Sidle and Grissom.

It’s been years since the detectives have been inside the CSI labs. And, they need everything available to them. Despite the fact that internal affairs have taken over because of the current issues regarding concerns of the CSI lab’s processing of cases.

Another obstacle the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation detectives are facing as they settle into the CSI: Vegas labs is Gil Grissom’s unusual illness.

Grissom is suffering from a form of land sickness called mal de debarquement.

Grissom tells Sara that he feels like he never “left the boat” on which the two had sailed away on when the original series ended in 2015.

Grissom’s Sickness Serves As A Metaphor

Sara, of course, is concerned about Gil. And she tells Grissom that she will help him in any way that she can.

“We’ll figure it out,” Sidle tells Grissom.

“I’ll never go away,” Sidle adds, assuring him that she will be there for him when he needs it.

“If you need to hold onto something,” she says. “Hold onto me.”

While the sickness adds physical challenges to Grissom’s role on CSI: Vegas, Zuiker notes that the metaphorical meaning behind Grissom’s land sickness plays a big role in the storyline.

“The land sickness is a metaphor for the relationship between Gil and Sara,” the showrunner explains.

“One character wants to be on the water where he’s comfortable,” Zuiker continues. “And one person is getting her feet back on the land, which is Sara.”

For Zuiker, the suddenness of Grissom’s land sickness speaks to his wondering where it is he belongs at this point in his journey.

“The sickness does come and go as his opinions of where he belongs comes and goes,” Zuiker says, adding this ailment can either go away on its own or stay with Grissom for a while. This ever-changing factor gives the showrunner freedom to play with the storyline.

“There are times [Gil’s] keeping it from [Sara], there are times they have to address it,” Zuiker explains. “There are times it comes and goes.”