‘CSI: Vegas’ Showrunner Talks Using California as a Stand In for Las Vegas

by Chase Thomas

It finally happened CSI: Vegas fans. You know the scene we’re talking about, don’t you? The blossoming relationship finally came full circle after a season of hinting at the possibility. It finally happened. Gil and Sara finally kissed and sent CSI Vegas fans into a tizzy. The iconic scene on the roller coaster between the two characters took place at Six Flags in California, so the CSI: Vegas showrunner talked about using California as a stand-in for Las Vegas.

He said, “There are some great roller coasters in Las Vegas but we didn’t have to go all the way there for one shot.” It sounds like the show could have gone to Vegas to shoot the scene, but they ultimately decided not to do that, which makes sense. He continued, “They got it in one shot! Although I think the two of them were having enough fun, that they would have stayed there all night.”

It worked out, and fans are thrilled and cannot stop talking about the couple. However, questions still remain as to whether or not a second season is in the cards for the returned program. Nothing is guaranteed as the show has not been picked up just yet.

Tracey on ‘CSI: Vegas’ Moment

There was so much buildup to Gil and Sara finally getting together. Fans have been waiting on it for years and years now. It was a slow burn, which is what Tracey wanted as he said, “It’s the most intimate you have ever seen them.

He continued, “Hopefully, it will feel like a payoff for those who have been so invested in the Gil and Sara relationship. It’s been really interesting to have the two of them married on screen for the first time for an extended stretch. It’s a huge responsibility to take the relationship and put it all on screen. But you don’t want to go from 0 to 60. You have to have a slow build.”

It was worth the wait. Fans of CSI: Vegas were invested, and they wanted to play the long game on the program.

Tracey added, “Love those fans!” The fans have been committed to this married couple and have put them in a position on the show to be featured in a bigger light because of it. Ultimately, it all paid off for their allegiance as he said, “They know these characters better than I do.”

He concluded, “We could all benefit by putting them in the driver’s seat. I think it paid off.” It certainly sounds like the married couple will be featured more prominently going forward, but a lot of that still depends very much on the future of the program. Only time will tell on CSI: Vegas.