‘CSI: Vegas’ Showrunner Teases What a Potential Season 2 Would Look Like

by Lauren Boisvert

“CSI: Vegas” aired its finale episode on Wednesday, and fans are holding out hope for a second season. In the season one finale, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, the ending featured a shot of a creepy white room painted with unknown symbols and words. There was a news report playing in the background that posed the question: “Is there a serial killer active in Las Vegas?”

This sounds like a job for the CSIs, but are they up for it? In conversation with CinemaBlend, “CSI: Vegas” showrunner Jason Tracey spoke about what a potential season 2 would look like. He also spoke about what those strange symbols meant in the last scene.

“If you look at what he’s writing,” Tracey said, “it’s actually his own made-up language that’s based on the Voynich [manuscript], those crazy, medieval texts […] I’ll just say ‘there is a world of possibilities,’ but you might be looking at a brand-new madman there.”

So far, there’s been no word as to whether or not CBS has renewed “CSI: Vegas” for a second season. Potentially, Sara and Grissom wouldn’t be back, which could isolate a lot of the old fans. Either way, there’s a whole new story on the line for “CSI: Vegas.”

“Everything is open interpretation until it’s not,” said Tracey, “and we’re a long way from being able to tell those stories in Season 2. I’m going to open it up for a new room of writers, and we’ll figure out where we go from there.”

Seems like things are a bit up in the air for “CSI: Vegas” at this point in time. Let’s hope the show gets to tell its upcoming stories and entertain fans for many seasons to come.

Fans Praise ‘CSI: Vegas’ Finale, Ask for Second Season

When the official “CSI: Vegas” Twitter asked for fan reactions to the finale, fans certainly delivered. They swarmed the comments section with aspects of the episode that they loved, and some with just general love for the show.

“I loved it,” one fan wrote. “Hodges got his happy ending, he saw his son. Sara and Grissom rode the roller coaster together and finally saw them kiss. Max got her job back. Ended perfectly.”

It’s a bit surprising that there wasn’t one negative comment in the entire comments section; usually, fans of any show are quick to sound off on what they hated and what could’ve been better. But, for “CSI: Vegas,” fans were delighted with the finale, and showered it with praise.

“Very well done! Having Gil and Sara come back to help exonerate Hodges was brilliantly done. I mean, it’s David Hodges for crying out loud! With a new cast being introduced, I truly feel the show could definitely stand on its own in future seasons. #lovedit,” wrote another fan.

For these fans’ sake, let’s hope there’s a second season, and that Sara and Grissom join the team again.